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Embrace a new look with a high-definition body sculpture

The procedure is typically performed in an hour or two and the patient returns home the same day

by Staff Reporter
Maher Alahdab

The human form through centuries has been featured prominently in the artistic expression of artists and sculptors. A common feature noted in the Greek sculptures, Michelangelo’s David and Leonardo Da Vinci’s illustrations shows the bodies they sculpted and drew had contours and curves with fine details of the underlying anatomical structures.

With more and more people embracing the social media scene, everyone has become a performer and in the limelight. This makes them self-aware and conscious of their body and how others perceive them so in the 21st century, the human interest for a beautiful and healthy body is manifested in our attention to a healthy diet and exercise to appear in the best version of ourselves.

However, not everyone succeeds at achieving the perfect figure and plastic surgery in the form of liposuction has been one of the most valuable tools to help people get rid of stubborn fat.


As a leading double-board certified plastic surgeon in the Middle East and one of the most trusted names when for cosmetic surgery, Dr. Maher Alahdab explains liposuction as the removal of fat through a small aspiration cannula for the purpose of beautification.

According to him, liposuction has developed significantly from when it started in the 70s and is no longer just about “sucking the fat” to produce a slimer physic. In the past, this resulted often in a skinny fat appearance rather than an athletic and appealing body. Now this has been revolutionized by high definition body sculpting methods that are more appealing.

High-definition body sculpting

This procedure attempts to achieve aesthetically ideal human form by revealing underlying anatomical structures, rather than simply removing excess fat under the skin. The surgeon works as a sculptor, manipulating light and shadows by adding or removing fat, and sculpting controlled irregularities to produce a convincing work of art.

Modern tools utilized to achieve best results safely include Ultrasound assisted liposuction that helps break down tough fat and reduce bleeding during surgery. Helium plasma and radio frequency waves are used to tighten skin that otherwise may not shrink-wrap after the liposuction procedure. Re-injection of fat under sonar guidance augments certain body features like hips in females or muscles in males to achieve a 3-dimensional model like appearance.

The Procedure

The procedure is typically performed in an hour or two and the patient returns home the same day. Pain is often very mild and easily controlled by oral pain killers and over the counter medication. The downtime is short and most patients get back to work in less than five days.

High-definition body sculpting can only be performed by a highly specialized and well-trained plastic surgeon. Patient selection and education is important for best results as the procedure is not ideal for grossly overweight patients refusing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

It was once said that a beautiful body can be considered to be one that attracts our attention and elicits a positive emotional response. This goes beyond that to making one feel confident about himself and eager to enjoy life to the fullest. That is indeed the gift of plastic surgery in current times.

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