Dubai Miracle Garden ticket prices, timings and much more

With over 150 million flowers on display, Miracle Garden is the world's largest natural flower garden and a stunning oasis

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Dubai Miracle Garden ticket prices for 2022 announced.

Dubai’s Miracle Garden, which opened in October, has announced its timings and ticket prices for adults and children .

If you are planning to visit the most popular winter destination in Dubai, tickets can be purchased here:

Ticket Prices for Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Entry for adults/seniors: Dhs75
  • Kids aged 3 to 12: Dhs Dh60.
  • Entry for children below 3 years old is free.

Dubai’s Miracle Garden is a top destination for residents and tourists looking to experience the beauty of nature in the city.

With more than 150 million flowers on display across its 72,000sqm of beautiful gardens, it’s the world’s largest natural flower garden and a stunning oasis.

Miracle Garden features a variety of floral displays, including flowers arranged in the shape of animals, buildings, and other structures. It is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai and is known for its vibrant and colourful displays.

In addition to the flowers, the garden also has a butterfly house, a maze, and a number of restaurants and cafes. Miracle Garden is open to the public from October to April each year.

Miracle Garden Timings

  • Weekdays: 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • Weekends: 9:00am to 11:00pm.
Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden.

Five reasons to visit Dubai Miracle Garden

  1. The flowers: With over 150 million flowers and plants, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a true floral paradise. You’ll find a wide variety of flowers and plants, including roses, marigolds, and daisies, as well as stunning topiaries and heart-shaped arrangements.
  2. The attractions: In addition to the beautiful flowers, the garden also features a number of other attractions, such as a butterfly garden.
  3. The atmosphere: The garden is a peaceful and tranquil place, making it the perfect spot to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the bustling city of Dubai.
  4. The photo opportunities: With so many beautiful flowers and plants, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a photographer’s dream. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to snap some beautiful photos to remember your visit.
  5. The location: Miracle Garden is a popular tourist destination in Dubai, and the garden is located just a short drive from many of the city’s other top attractions. So you can easily fit a visit to the garden into your vacation itinerary.

How to reach the beautiful garden

In a bid to ease the movement of residents and tourists during the winter season, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced to resume the bus service between Mall of the Emirates and the Miracle Garden from October 10, 2022. The Bus Route 105 will charge a fare of Dhs5.

The new service will run at 20 minutes intervals on Fridays and 30 minutes intervals during weekdays.

The seasonal bus route is popular among residents, visitors and tourists. According to the RTA, the express bus service will start from the Mall of the Emirates Bus Station and head directly on a non-stop trip to the renowned Miracle Garden and vice-versa.

RTA always strives hard to serve the public in the best possible manner and in this regard it spares no stone unturned to provide the world-class services to its customer.

RTA believes in enhancing its integration with metro, tram, and marine transportation, which includes Dubai Ferry, Bus, and the Water Taxi.

Since its launch on December 17, 2015, the popular route, which connects the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station and the Miracle Garden, has served more than 900,000 passengers.

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