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No plastic cards: Now make payments through your watch, bracelet and ring at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank announces launch of contactless payment methods through ADIB PAY  

by Tanvir Awan
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank payment through smart watch.

Good news for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) customers. Now you don’t need to carry your physical plastic card to make payments. If you are ADIB Visa cardholder, then you can make contactless payments using your favorite watch, bracelet or ring.

ADIB, a leading financial institution in the UAE, has announced the launch of the MENA region’s first tokenised, contactless payment methods through the options of clasp and ring ‘ADIB PAY,’ in partnership with Tappy Technologies and Visa. Initially, ADIB PAY will be offered to select customers.

ADIB’s new tokenised contactless payment clasp can be attached to a multitude of wrist wearables, which instantly turns that wearable watch or ring into a smart payment device.

How to use ADIB PAY

The process is simple and quick.

ADIB Visa card of the customer is tokenised via the supporting ADIB PAY app powered by Tappy’s Token Enablement Services (TES) solution.

Using the companion Universal Passive Provisioning Unit (UPPU) that connects to ADIB PAY via Bluetooth, the digital card is automatically provisioned to the chip embedded within the payment clasp.

Once provisioning is complete, the customer will be able to make easy and quick payments with the tap of wrist watch and can instantly view ADIB PAY transaction history in the application.

You also don’t need to be worried about its security. It cannot be exploited even if the ADIB Pay wearable is lost. ADIB is committed to providing secure and smart payment options to its customers.

Samih Awadhalla, Acting Global Head of Retail Banking at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank said that ADIB continues to introduce innovative digital payment services to further develop digital capabilities.

Wayne Leung, CEO of Tappy Technologies, said that they are proud to partner with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to redefine the consumer wearable payment experience that is effortless, convenient and hyper-secured, which meets the highest contactless standards in the world.

Salima Gutieva, Vice President & Country Manager for UAE at Visa, remarked that with the rapid acceleration of digitalization, it has become more important than ever to bring in new technologies that securely integrate payments into people’s everyday lives.



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