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Petrol price in UAE for December 2023 announced

by Tanvir Awan
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Petrol price in UAE today

The Fuel Price Committee has announced the new diesel and petrol prices for December 2023. The adjustment is aimed at synchronizing local fuel prices with the prevailing global rates.

UAE petrol price December 2023

  • Super 98: Dhs2.96 per litre
  • Special 95: Dhs2.85 per litre
  • E-Plus 91: DhsDh2.77 per litre
  • Diesel: Dhs3.19 per litre

UAE petrol price November 2023

  • Super 98: Dhs3.03 per litre
  • Special 95: Dhs2.92 per litre
  • E-Plus 91: DhsDh2.85 per litre
  • Diesel: Dhs3.42 per litre

UAE petrol price last month

  • Super 98: Dhs3.44 per litre
  • Special 95: Dhs3.33 per litre
  • E-Plus: DhsDh3.26 per litre

UAE petrol rate September

  • Super 98: Dhs3.42 per litre
  • Special 95: Dhs3.31 per litre
  • E-Plus: DhsDh3.23 per litre
  • Diesel: Dhs3.57

In August 2023, the UAE witnessed a moderate surge in diesel and petrol prices, with increments of approximately 14 fils across different fuel types.

Diesel and petrol rate August 

  • Super 98: Dhs3.14 per litre
  • Special 95: Dhs3.02 per litre
  • E-Plus: Dhs2.95 per litre

As the world continues to witness fluctuations in energy markets, the UAE remains steadfast in its practice of regular monthly adjustments.

Despite the upward movement in August, the retail petrol prices in the UAE remained notably lower than the global average. Throughout the month, the average petrol price hovered around Dhs3.02 per litre. In stark contrast, the global average stood at Dhs4.93 per litre during the same period. This discrepancy underscores the UAE’s concerted efforts to provide its citizens with competitive fuel prices while considering the prevailing international norms.

Navigating the intricate web of fuel economics, the petrol price in UAE remains a focal point for both residents and businesses.

Stay informed about UAE petrol prices, including today’s petrol and diesel rates, as they directly influence the landscape of Dubai and beyond.

The continuous fluctuations in global oil markets have a direct impact on fuel price in UAE, making it crucial to track fuel prices diligently. With each passing month, the anticipation grows as UAE petrol prices for next month are awaited, shaping budgetary decisions and travel plans. The commitment to competitive fuel rates underscores the nation’s dedication to economic welfare.

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