Dubai issues 6 guidelines for intercity bus passengers

by Tanvir Awan
RTA guidelines for intercity bus passengers on nol cards, food

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has rolled out a set of fresh guidelines designed to enhance the commuting experience for passengers on both public and intercity buses while also curbing undesirable behaviours.

RTA guidelines for intercity bus passengers on nol cards, food

These guidelines, announced on X (formerly Twitter), serve as a testament to the RTA’s unwavering commitment to passenger well-being and seamless transportation.

1. Nol Cards Balance

First and foremost, passengers are encouraged to make their journeys as smooth as possible by ensuring that their trusty nol cards are adequately topped up before embarking on their bus adventures. This simple step ensures a hassle-free experience when boarding.

Once onboard, remember to tap your nol card when entering the bus. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in streamlining the boarding process for everyone.

2. No food and drinks onboard

In the spirit of maintaining a pristine environment within the buses, the RTA has put its foot down on the consumption of food and drinks during your journey. So, stash those snacks and beverages away before boarding and save the feasting for later.

3. Littering is strictly prohibited on Dubai public buses

Littering is a big no-no. All the passengers share the responsibility of keeping the buses clean and tidy, so be sure to dispose of your trash appropriately.

4. No chat with Dubai intercity bus drivers

While Dubai intercity bus drivers may seem like a friendly face, it’s advisable to avoid chitchat with them during the ride. Should you have any queries or concerns, the RTA’s call center is at your service to provide assistance and information.

5. Contact RTA if you loose your belongings

For those moments when you misplace your belongings, worry not! The RTA has you covered. Simply reach out to them at 908 to report any losses and recover your items swiftly.

6. Dubai bus seats for women, children and senior citizens

Finally, it’s important to recognize the importance of priority seating. The front seats are reserved for senior citizens, women, children, and individuals with determination. By respecting this allocation, we create a more inclusive and comfortable environment for all passengers.

The guidelines, shared with on X, aim to elevate your bus journey experience. Remember, your comfort matters, and the RTA is makig ensure that your ride is a smooth, pleasant, and violation-free.

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