How to check nol card balance online

by Tanvir Awan
Nol card balance check and how to recharge it online

If you are a resident of the UAE or a tourist looking to use Dubai’s public transport, nol card is a most convenient option for you. Nol card balance check is an important step for the commuters who use RTA bus or Dubai metro for a hassle-free journey.

In this step by step guide we will share with you the options how to check nol card balance online. The balance checker also provides the option to see your remaining credit with number. In case you don’t have internet connection, you can check the credit at metro and bus stations as well as at the merchant shops and vending machines.

You can also know about nol card balance through RTA mobile app and via SMS.

Nol Card Balance Check Online through RTA website

It’s an easy way to check nol card balance. You can simply access the (Roads and Transport Authority) RTA website where a dedicated nol card section provides all the vital information about the types of cards and balance inquiry. You just need a computer or your mobile phone to access the information.

Below are the four simple steps you need to follow:

Step 1:

Just click on the below link, which will direct you to the official RTA website.

Check Your Balance Here

Step 2:

Select the “Check nol balance” option.

Step 3:

Enter the number mentioned on the back side of your card in nol tag ID option.

Step 4:

Click on the Search Button.

You are done. The following information will be in front of you:

  • Bus card balance
  • Pending credit
  • Nol card expiry date

Follow this in case of any confusion:

rta homepage > public transport > nol > view nol card balance.

Nol card Balance Check with number through SMS

If the above method to know about nol card balance is not convenient for you due to the unviability of the internet, here is another option. The remaining credit checking with number or via SMS has been made simplified by the RTA, which strives hard to facilitate the commuters in best possible way.

This option allows you to view nol card history of at least 10 last transactions. However, standard SMS charges may apply to avail this service.

Follow the below mentioned three steps:

Step 1:

Register the nol ID with your working mobile number.

Step 2:

Send your nol card tag ID via SMS to 511.

Step 3:

Once the registration is conformed, send the word ‘BAL’ or ‘balance’ to 511.

Congrats, you are done. Card balance and its history will show up at your screen.

Nol Card Check Balance History through RTA nol App

Dubai’s digitalization drive is on the move. Those who commute through Dubai bus, metro or tram can check the balance in mobile by simply downloading the RTA nol app.

Just follow the below three steps:

Step 1:

  • Download the app and log in with nol user id and password.
  • Andriod Users (Google Play)
  • Apple Users (iPhone app store)
  • HUAWEI Users (Huawei AppGallery)

Step: 2

Select “Check nol balance” and proceed to the next page.

Step: 3

Enter the number mentioned on back side of your card in the nol tag ID option and hit View Balance button. All the information related to the balance enquiry will show up on your screen.

Nol Balance Check at Metro Station Vending Machines

This is another method to see nol balance. The Dubai RTA has installed several vending machines to facilitate the passengers. You can locate them near the ticket counters at metro stations across the city. If you want to check the remaining balance via Dubai metro vending machines just follow the simple steps.

  • Go to a nearby vending machine in any of the metro station
  • Insert nol card in the slot and select “Check Balance” option
  • The machine will take few seconds to process your request and the RTA nol card balance will show up on the screen.

If the minimum balance is not enough, you can recharge it at the ticket counter of the metro station or the vending machine.

RTA Dubai is known for its best customer care services. The staff is always available to help the travellers at the metro stations. If you are not tech savvy or facing any issue, the station agents are always there to help you out to make your journey smooth.

Just be relaxed and don’t hesitate to give your nol card number or the tag ID to them. The staff will check and promptly provide you the details about nol card balance.

Metro, Bus Card Balance Check at Merchant Shops

This is another option for the nol credit inquiry but you have to make sure that nol card Merchant shops are authorized by the RTA.

To check the RTA card balance at Merchant shops, follow the below guide.

Just go to a nearby nol card merchant shop and provide your nol tag ID or nol card to the shopkeeper present there. He/She will process your request and inform you about your remaining credit.

Bus card balance inquiry at RTA Customer Service Centres

RTA customer service centers in Dubai provide you the assistance with various inquiries related to the nol cards, including balance checks. You can visit a nearest customer service center and present your nol card for balance verification. They will surely be happy to help you.

Importance of Regular Balance checking

As a regular user of Dubai’s public transport, it is imperative to check your credit and keep it up-to-date for smoother trips.

It makes sure that you have enough balance to cover the bus or metro fare, which ultimately helps you in preventing any delays during the travel.

It helps you to plan your travel effectively. When you know the exact credit in your nol card you can proceed to your journey based on the remaining balance.

It also helps you avoid the situations where you don’t have sufficient balance due to some untoward reasons. The problem may occur due to poor internet connection or some technical issue where you can’t access your card and also not able to recharge it on the spot. So, planning ahead is better to reach at your destination.

The word “nol” is an Arabic word for fare.

New nol card for students

RTA has also launched a new nol card with numerous benefits for school and university students across the UAE and Dubai in particular.

The card consolidates numerous features and benefits, notably offering students up to a 50% discount on RTA’s public transport fares. Students can also enjoy up to a 70% discount and promotional offers at a wide range of retail outlets within Dubai and nationwide.

Benefits of RTA nol Card:

The benefits of nol card depend on the type of the cards you are using. Every card has its own perks.

However, we have compiled some of the common advantages of the RTA card.

  • Use it while travelling at bus, tram, metro, RTA taxi, water bus or ferry.
  • Use it to fill up fuel (petrol, diesel) at EPCO and ENOC stations.
  • Buy groceries and other items at supermarkets using your card.
  • Have food at some of the renowned restaurants in Dubai.
  • Nol offers discounts for students, senior citizens and special persons.
  • Visit public parks, Theme Parks and Etihad Museum.
  • Can be use at more than 2000 shops across Dubai

Nol card balance check through ticket vending machine. in Dubai

Ticket vending machine.

How to recharge Nol Card online?

You can ton up your Nol card in simple steps

  • First go to this official source and proceed
  • Enter Your Card no. or Nol tag ID and Email ID , Click I’m Not A robot
  • Confirm the amount in dirhams you want to recharge and pay
  • The minimum balance is Dhs 20
  • The maximum top up amount is Dhs 1,000 for the anonymous card and Dhs 5,000 after registration

In order to activate the pending top up, you can use your card in any online parking meter or metro gate after 45 minutes to 4 hours or Solar Top-up Machines to update your balance.

Types of Nol Cards

There are different types of Nol cards available to suit various travel needs:

Digital nol cards

The RTA has announced a groundbreaking upgrade to its existing nol Card-Based Ticketing System.

In this regard, it will invest Dhs 350 million investment to introduce a sophisticated Account Based Ticketing System, aligning with global standards and marking a significant milestone in the RTA’s Digital Strategy Roadmap 2023-2030.

Dubai Newsweek has compiled 7 important features of the digital nol cards all the Dubai public transport users must know.

Blue nol Card

The Blue nol card is the most common type and is suitable for occasional travelers or tourists. It is a disposable card that can be purchased and used right away. The Blue nol card is available in different denominations, allowing users to load a specific amount of credit onto the card for fare payments.

Personalized nol Card

The Personalized nol card is a personalized and non-transferable card linked to an individual’s Emirates ID or resident visa. This type of card offers added benefits and convenience. Users can register their Personalized nol card online, enabling them to manage their card balance, view transaction history, and even set up auto-top-up options.

Nol card balance check and how to recharge it onlineSilver nol Card

The Silver nol card is designed for frequent travelers who use public transportation regularly. It offers discounted fares on all modes of transportation, including the metro, buses, trams, and water buses. The Silver nol card can be purchased for a specific duration, such as 30 days or 90 days, and provides unlimited travel within the chosen validity period.

Gold nol Card

The Gold nol card is a premium card that provides exclusive benefits to its users. It offers the same features as the Silver nol card, such as unlimited travel within the chosen duration, but with additional perks like access to the Gold Class cabins on the metro and trams. The Gold nol card is ideal for those seeking a more luxurious and comfortable travel experience.

Red Ticket

In addition to the nol cards, there is also the Red Ticket, which is a single-use paper ticket. It is mainly used by occasional travellers or tourists who prefer not to purchase a reusable card. The Red Ticket allows for a single journey and must be purchased for each trip.

Nol card balance check and how to recharge it online

Etihad Rail passengers to use nol cards

The UAE’s Etihad Rail passengers will also benefit from enhanced convenience as plans unfold to integrate nol cards for their upcoming travel requirements.

The basic purpose of this decision is to develop ticket booking and fare payment solutions through the nol system.

Travel on Dubai transport without nol Cards

This will be the reality soon. The new smart gates promise to redefine the experience of fare payment for various modes of public transport in Dubai, including the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, buses, taxis, and marine transport.

Notably, this system introduces an entirely ticketless and cardless approach, eliminating the need for traditional tickets, nol cards or credit cards. More details here.


Keeping track of your nol card balance is vital for a smooth travel experience on Dubai’s public transportation network. By following the easy steps outlined in this comprehensive guide and considering important factors, you can effortlessly check your nol card balance online. Regular monitoring ensures you always have sufficient funds for your journeys and allows for effective travel planning. Remember to rely on official sources, prioritize security, and explore additional services provided by the nol card platforms. Enjoy seamless travels with a well-maintained nol card balance.

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