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Nol card balance check and how to recharge it online

In addition to online platforms, there are alternative methods available to check your Nol card balance

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Nol card balance check and how to recharge it online

Whether you are a Dubai resident or a tourist looking to visit the city through affordable public transport, Nol card is a one stop solution. Monitoring your Nol card balance is vital for a smooth travel experience in Dubai. Knowing your remaining balance allows you to plan your journeys effectively, ensure sufficient funds, and avoid any balance-related issues.

Fortunately, there are convenient methods to check your Nol card balance online. By following easy steps and considering important factors, you can effortlessly monitor your balance and enjoy seamless travel across Dubai’s public transportation system.

In this comprehensive guide you will also know that how to recharge Nol card online.

Nol Card Balance Check Online

To check your Nol card balance online, follow these simple steps:

Access the official website: Visit the official source, which serves as the primary platform for managing your balance and related services.

Navigate to the balance check section: Once on the website, locate the dedicated section or feature specifically designed for checking your Nol card balance.

Enter your card details: Follow the instructions provided and enter the required details, such as your card number or personal information, as requested on the platform.

Retrieve your balance: After submitting the necessary information, the website will display your current Nol card balance, allowing you to see how much credit remains on your card.

Other Methods to Check Nol Card Balance

In addition to online platforms, there are alternative methods available to check your Nol card balance:

Ticket Vending Machines: Ticket vending machines located at metro stations and bus terminals provide a convenient way to check your Nol card balance. Simply tap your card on the designated reader, and the machine will display your current balance.

Nol card balance check through ticket vending machine. in Dubai

Ticket vending machine.

RTA Customer Service Centers: RTA customer service centers are equipped to provide assistance with various card-related inquiries, including balance checks. Visit a nearby customer service center and present your Nol card for balance verification.

How to recharge Nol Card online?

You can ton up your Nol card in simple steps

  • First go to this official source and proceed
  • Enter Your Card no. or Nol tag ID and Email ID , Click I’m Not A robot
  • Confirm the amount in dirhams you want to recharge and pay
  • The minimum balance is AED7.5
  • The maximum top up amount is AED 1,000 for the anonymous card and AED5,000 after registration

In order to activate the pending top up, you can use your card in any online parking meter or metro gate after 45 minutes to 4 hours or Solar Top-up Machines to update your balance.

Where to Buy Nol Cards in Dubai?

Authorized retailers of Nol cards in Dubai include:

Hypermarkets and Supermarkets: Major hypermarkets and supermarkets across Dubai often have dedicated sections or service counters where you can buy Nol cards. Retail chains like Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, and Union Coop are known to offer the RTA cards.

Convenience Stores: Many convenience stores, such as Zoom, Quick Mart, and Allday Fresh Supermarket, are authorized retailers. These stores are often located in residential areas or near metro stations or bus stops in Dubai, providing easy access to Nol card purchases.

Pharmacies: Certain pharmacies, including Boots and Life Pharmacy, have been authorized to sell Nol cards. These pharmacies are widely available throughout Dubai and offer additional convenience.

Authorized Kiosks: Look out for authorized kiosks located in shopping malls, transportation hubs, and other public areas. These kiosks are dedicated to selling Nol cards and related services.

Checking of expiry date

Every RTA Nol card has a validity from the issued date. The red card has 90 days validity. Nol silver card, gold card and blue card has five years validity from the date of isuance.

Commuters can check the expiry of NOL card:

  • Parking meter
  • At Metro station
  • Online by entering the tag ID (Nol card number)

Types of Nol Cards

There are different types of Nol cards available to suit various travel needs:

Blue Nol Card: The Blue Nol card is the most common type and is suitable for occasional travelers or tourists. It is a disposable card that can be purchased and used right away. The Blue Nol card is available in different denominations, allowing users to load a specific amount of credit onto the card for fare payments.

Personalized Nol Card: The Personalized Nol card is a personalized and non-transferable card linked to an individual’s Emirates ID or resident visa. This type of card offers added benefits and convenience. Users can register their Personalized Nol card online, enabling them to manage their card balance, view transaction history, and even set up auto-top-up options.

Nol card balance check and how to recharge it onlineSilver Nol Card: The Silver Nol card is designed for frequent travelers who use public transportation regularly. It offers discounted fares on all modes of transportation, including the metro, buses, trams, and water buses. The Silver Nol card can be purchased for a specific duration, such as 30 days or 90 days, and provides unlimited travel within the chosen validity period.

Gold Nol Card: The Gold Nol card is a premium card that provides exclusive benefits to its users. It offers the same features as the Silver Nol card, such as unlimited travel within the chosen duration, but with additional perks like access to the Gold Class cabins on the metro and trams. The Gold Nol card is ideal for those seeking a more luxurious and comfortable travel experience.

Red Ticket: In addition to the Nol cards, there is also the Red Ticket, which is a single-use paper ticket. It is mainly used by occasional travelers or tourists who prefer not to purchase a reusable card. The Red Ticket allows for a single journey and must be purchased for each trip.

Why you should regularly check the balance

Regularly monitoring your Nol card balance offers several benefits:

Ensuring Sufficient Funds: By checking your balance before each journey, you can ensure you have enough credit to cover your fare, preventing any inconvenience or delays during your travel.

Effective Journey Planning: Knowing your Nol card balance allows you to plan your journeys effectively. You can decide whether to top up your card or adjust your travel plans based on your remaining balance.

Avoiding Insufficient Balance Situations: Checking your balance helps you avoid situations where you might have insufficient funds on your Nol card, saving you from the hassle of reloading your card on the spot or being denied entry.

Things travelers should keep in mind

When using online platforms to check your Nol card balance, keep the following considerations in mind:

Nol card balance check and how to recharge it online

Dubai Metro

Official Sources: Always rely on official Nol card platforms and websites to access accurate and reliable balance information. This ensures the security of your personal data and provides the most up-to-date information.

Secure Internet Connection: When accessing online platforms, ensure you are connected to a secure internet connection, especially when entering personal information or card details.

Additional Nol Card Services: While checking your balance online, explore other services provided by the official Nol card platforms. These may include features like card registration, transaction history, or the ability to top up your card online.


Keeping track of your Nol card balance is vital for a smooth travel experience on Dubai’s public transportation network. By following the easy steps outlined in this comprehensive guide and considering important factors, you can effortlessly check your Nol card balance online. Regular monitoring ensures you always have sufficient funds for your journeys and allows for effective travel planning. Remember to rely on official sources, prioritize security, and explore additional services provided by the Nol card platforms. Enjoy seamless travels with a well-maintained Nol card balance.


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