Adel Sajan elevates Dubai real estate advertisement to new heights

by Tanvir Awan
Adel Sajan Danube properties

Dubai, a city synonymous with opulence and innovation, has long been at the forefront of groundbreaking advertising campaigns that capture the world’s attention.

From towering skyscrapers to extravagant events, the emirate’s advertising landscape is as audacious as it is unforgettable.

In 2021, Emirates airline epitomized Dubai’s flair for the extraordinary with a captivating ad campaign that celebrated the UAE’s removal from the UK’s red list.

A daring feat unfolded as a figure adorned in Emirates’ iconic flight attendant uniform stood atop the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, holding placards that heralded the news.

This breathtaking display not only showcased the airline’s jubilation but also underscored Dubai’s penchant for pushing boundaries in advertising.

Emirates’ innovative campaign set the stage for a new era of advertising ingenuity in Dubai, inspiring others to think outside the box.

Adel Sajan’s skydiving adventure to launch Bayz101

Recently, in a daring move to set his real estate project apart from the rest, Adel Sajan, the visionary behind Bayz101 by Danube Properties, took to the skies for an exhilarating skydiving adventure.

Adel Sajan aimed to make a lasting impression by leaping from a plane, proudly displaying the project banner amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai.


Adel Sajan (left) at the launch of Bayz101.

“When contemplating how to make our mark and create something truly unique, the idea of jumping off a plane to launch the project struck me,” Adel shared. “It’s about offering a living experience that feels like ‘your apartment in the sky.'”

The unprecedented stunt took place at the renowned Skydive Dubai, soaring to an altitude of 14,000 feet in the chilly December air. Despite the cold, Adel described the experience as beautiful and enthralling. As the project flag ascended into the sky, a buzz enveloped the onlookers, leaving a memorable impression.

The event garnered substantial attention on social media, particularly on Facebook reels, accumulating millions of views.

Adel told Dubai Newsweek that he received numerous messages from diverse individuals applauding the innovative approach.

“We always strive to do something different. In the vast landscape of real estate advertisements, standing out is crucial,” he remarked.

Acknowledging the risk, Adel emphasized the safety measures taken, assuring that the skydiving was conducted by a professional team at Skydive Dubai.

He added, “Even though Rizwan Sajan, Adel’s father and Founder and Chairman of Danube Group, was initially hesitant, but he eventually agreed.”

Unconventional marketing strategy

This unconventional marketing strategy not only generated buzz for the Bayz101 project but also served as a personal introduction for Adel Sajan within the real estate community.

“I’ve been well-versed with the retail community. People know me due to the Danube Homes, and now I’m paving my path in real estate. It’s essential for people to know who I am, and this was a unique way of introducing myself,” Adel Sajan explained.

He stated, “It’s not just a buzz for the project; it’s a buzz for myself. We’re exploring various avenues to keep things exciting and different in the ever-evolving real estate market.”

Looking to the future, Adel hinted at potential future endeavours. “If we get a tower taller than this, then you’ll see something else happening, but I can’t reveal anything right now,” he teased.


As for the time invested in planning the adventurous marketing stunt, Adel disclosed, “It took about a week. We had prior experience working with the cooperative team at Skydive Dubai, and within a week of deciding, I was on the plane ready to jump.”

The Bayz101 project, already gaining attention through traditional marketing efforts, has received an added boost from this unconventional approach.

In the midst of discussing future plans, Adel expressed interest in expanding into sports. “We’ve opened a sports center, and it has been well-received. Exploring more opportunities in the sports sector is on the agenda,” he concluded.

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