Tabby launches monthly subscription service in UAE

by Staff Reporter
What is Tabby+

Tabby, MENA’s leading shopping and financial services app has introduced Tabby+, a monthly subscription service in the UAE.

With Tabby+, shoppers unlock the power of Pay in 4 anywhere, whether its groceries, utilities, fuel, food delivery apps or anywhere VISA is accepted using their Tabby Card.

What is Tabby+

Tabby+ lets customers use their Tabby Card as their daily spending card and enables them to make the most out of their money for all their purchases. The subscription presents a significant step forward in empowering customers to effortlessly stay in control of their finances.

Tabby+ is an alternative to high-cost credit cards that average 30 to 40% in APR, since Tabby does not charge hidden fees or interest. Instead, Tabby+ runs on a fair and transparent model of Dhs49 per month with the first month being free to try. If Tabby Card holders choose not to opt in for Tabby+, Tabby Card remains free for in-store purchases within the partner network which they can find on the Tabby app.

Tabby Card is the first of its kind, unlike traditional debit or credit cards, daily purchases are split into 4 monthly statements without revolving interest. Tabby Card holders can settle their card purchases on the Tabby app with transparent, monthly statements that make it effortless to manage and keep track of all outstanding payments.

In the app, consumers can choose to pay their statement early or automatically make a payment on the due date. The Tabby app also notifies customers in real time of all card transactions and sends alerts for upcoming payments.

Take Tabby anywhere you go

Whether you are purchasing groceries, utilities, fuel or food delivery apps with Tabby+ you can pay in 4 anywhere VISA is accepted with your Tabby Card.

Earn 1% cashback

Tabby+ lets you earn 1%* in cashback on all Tabby Card purchases. Shop anywhere and earn cash in your Tabby wallet every month.

24/7 support

Customers get priority chat support with Tabby+, offering unparalleled customer support when you need help with your orders, payments and returns.

Hosam Arab, CEO and Co-Founder of Tabby, said: “Tabby+ is a significant step towards our vision. We’re taking the best of Tabby, flexible and interest-free payments, wherever people go without barriers.”

Hosam is set to take the stage at the Web Summit Qatar to share a glimpse into his entrepreneurship journey, starting with a session on building the Gulf’s first fintech unicorn and followed by a panel which will explore the main challenges of scaling in 2024.

With over 600,000 Tabby Cards issued in the UAE, the introduction of Tabby+ underscores the company’s consistent growth in the region as the leading shopping and financial services provider and follows its latest announcement of releasing the region’s biggest ever Middle East Shopping Survey, providing retailers and shoppers with data-driven insights of shopping preferences in the e-commerce space.


What’s the difference between Tabby and Tabby+?

Tabby and Tabby Card enable shoppers to pay in 4 online or in-store with no interest or fees within the Tabby partner network, which they can find on the Tabby app. With Tabby+, our monthly subscription service in the UAE, shoppers can pay in 4 anywhere VISA is accepted and earn 1% cashback (up to 50 AED per month) on all Tabby Card purchases.

Is Tabby still free?

Yes, Tabby is still free with no interest or fees.

Who is eligible for Tabby Card and Tabby+?

Tabby Card and Tabby+ are currently available to eligible customers. Shoppers can check their eligibility on the Tabby app.

Where is Tabby Card and Tabby+ available?

Tabby Card and Tabby+ are currently only available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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