Video: Penélope Cruz flies to Dubai for Emirates airline ads campaign

by Staff Reporter
Video: Penélope Cruz flies to Dubai for Emirates airline ads campaign

As the Emirates and Penélope Cruz ad campaign graces TV screens worldwide in both English and Spanish, Emirates Airlines has unveiled an exclusive behind-the-scenes video that sheds light on the extensive production efforts required to capture the essence of luxury on a massive aircraft.

The campaign showcases Penélope Cruz, the Academy Award-winning actor and philanthropist, experiencing the lavish offerings available to Emirates’ First and Business Class passengers.

Penélope Cruz is new Emirates airline ambassador

Penélope Cruz, who flew to Dubai for a week to shoot the campaign, appears in a series of polished ads that highlight the exclusive luxuries available on Emirates flights.

The journey includes savoring a crafted beverage in the A380 Onboard Lounge, indulging in a shower above the clouds, cheering for a live football game, and relishing generous servings of luxury caviar. The behind-the-scenes video provides a glimpse into the production’s intricacies, offering exclusive insights from Penélope.

Key Details from the Filming Process:

  • More than 160 individuals were involved in the production, comprising 36 international crew members and 125 local crew and cast.
  • Penélope Cruz was filmed within Emirates’ iconic A380 aircraft, known for its distinctive double-decker design.
  • The entire shoot, from planning to completion, required an impressive 1,488 production man-hours, equivalent to around 165 working days.
  • As the filming took place within a real aircraft at the airport, all 160 participants needed special permission from UAE authorities to access the restricted and highly secure area.
  • The production required 10 large trucks to transport catering items and filming equipment.
  • Emirates created a dedicated Green Room in the hangar to accommodate the cast when they were off set.
  • Due to security protocols, every piece of filming equipment had to be unloaded, scanned, checked, and loaded onto airside trucks, which were stored in a nearby hangar.
  • Achieving cinematic lighting inside an A380 necessitated the use of eight scissor lifts and boom lifts to create the perfect ambiance.
  • Emirates’ own cabin crew members, Doyle Kim from Australia and Alessandra Piper from the UK, had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Penélope Cruz during the production.
  • The TV spots were directed by Robert Stromberg, a double Oscar-winning Hollywood director, with support from production house Ridley Scott Associates and special effects from Framestore, a multi-award-winning creative studio.

This remarkable production showcases the dedication and coordination of a large team of experts and underscores Emirates’ commitment to delivering an unparalleled luxury experience for its passengers. The behind-the-scenes video offers a unique perspective on the creative process and the efforts invested in making the campaign a reality.


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