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UAE imposes Dhs400 fine for slow driving in fast lane

by Staff Reporter
fine for slow driving in fast lane in UAE.

Abu Dhabi Police have urged all drivers to prioritize safety on the roads. One essential aspect of safe driving is staying in the right lane when driving at slower speeds.

The reason for this is simple: when drivers move slowly in the fast lanes, it can lead to traffic jams and confusion for other drivers. More importantly, it can result in serious accidents, putting everyone’s safety at risk.

New Traffic Fine for Slow Driving in Fast Lane

The key message here is straightforward: if you’re driving at a slower pace, stick to the right lane. By doing so, you help maintain a smooth flow of traffic and prevent potentially dangerous situations.

Fines for Not Giving Way and Overtaking

Abu Dhabi Police have established rules to ensure that traffic flows safely and efficiently. One important rule is giving way to vehicles that need to pass, whether they’re coming from behind or trying to overtake you. If you fail to follow this rule, you could face a fine of Dhs400.

The reason for this rule is to ensure that everyone on the road can get to their destination safely and without unnecessary delays.

Overtaking from the right, or not allowing others to overtake, can lead to significant accidents. These accidents can result in injuries and even loss of life. Therefore, the police are emphasizing the importance of following these rules to keep our roads safe for everyone.

New Speed Limit on Abu Dhabi Roads and Tailgating Rules

Abu Dhabi has introduced new measures aimed at enhancing road safety. One such measure is the implementation of a minimum speed limit of 120kph in the fast lanes of a major road in the emirate. This speed limit is designed to prevent traffic accidents caused by vehicles moving at significantly different speeds.

By maintaining a consistent speed in the fast lanes, drivers can reduce the likelihood of accidents and traffic congestion.


Another crucial aspect of safe driving is maintaining a safe following distance between vehicles. Tailgating, which means driving too closely to the vehicle in front, is a dangerous behaviour that can lead to accidents. To discourage tailgating, the authorities have imposed a fine of Dhs400 for this offense.

Radar Systems in Abu Dhabi

What’s noteworthy is that Abu Dhabi has deployed radar systems to detect and fine drivers who tailgate. These radars not only target the vehicle following too closely but also the one in front.

Additionally, the driver at the back of the tailgating situation will receive four black points on their driving record, emphasizing the seriousness of this behaviour and its consequences for road safety.


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