UAE ready to deal with unstable weather conditions this week

by Staff Reporter
Rain in UAE.

The National Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Authority in the UAE has affirmed the country’s readiness to address the upcoming weather conditions.

A series of meetings of the Joint Assessment Team for Meteorological and Tropical Situations were convened, with representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the National Center of Meteorology, and other relevant government agencies in attendance.

All parties involved have confirmed their preparedness to handle the situation by implementing proactive measures. The authority will activate its response mechanisms after assessing the weather circumstances and their potential impacts, particularly considering the ongoing recovery phase from previous conditions.


In ensuring the safety of the public during this weather event, the Ministry of Interior has urged everyone to exercise caution, follow safety protocols, and adhere to the instructions issued by official authorities. It emphasizes the importance of obtaining information and updates from credible sources and advises against spreading rumours.

The primary focus remains on safeguarding the well-being of all individuals, with hopes for a safe outcome for everyone involved.

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