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UAE overstay fines: Dhs100 daily penalty after exit permit expiry

by Staff Reporter
UAE overstay fines

If you’ve stayed too long in the UAE, you’ll need to pay a fine of Dhs100 for each extra day after your visa expires. You can sort this out by getting an exit permit at the airport or the immigration office if you’re leaving by land, according to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP).

UAE overstay fines

The UAE exit permit, or out pass, is for foreigners who want to leave but don’t have a valid UAE visa because it’s expired or was canceled or rejected, the ICP explained.

Using the UAEICP system and smart app, overstayers can get exit permits. But you’ve got to pay your fines first before you can get the permit.

This permit gives you 7 days to leave the country. Don’t stay longer, or you’ll have to pay Dhs100 for each extra day after the permit expires, the ICP confirmed.

To get this permit, you’ll need your original and a copy of your passport, a copy of your travel ticket, and some personal photos.

Rules for newborn in UAE

For a newborn without residency, follow these steps: give the required info, provide the documents, pay the fees, rate the service, and wait for the email confirmation.

For this, you’ll need the original and a copy of both parents’ passports, the child’s passport or embassy-issued travel document, the child’s birth certificate, a letter from the father requesting the permit, a copy of the travel ticket, and two photos of the child.

The out pass costs Dhs221 and usually takes up to 48 hours to process. Apply early just in case it takes longer.

To see if you need an out pass, check for travel bans on the Dubai Police website or app. If you’re banned, you’ll be told to take your Emirates ID, passport copy, and an authority letter to your local police station.


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