6.5 million subscribe to UAE job loss insurance scheme

by Staff Reporter
UAE job loss insurance fines

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation reported that over 6.5 million employees have enrolled in the UAE job loss insurance system since its launch on January 1, 2023, until October 1.

This system covers both federal government and private sector workers, including citizens and residents. It excludes investors (establishment owners), temporary contract workers, juveniles under 18, and retirees receiving pensions who have taken up new jobs.

UAE Job Loss Insurance

The ministry appreciated unemployment insurance subscribers’ commitment, emphasizing the system’s benefits in providing social protection until alternative job opportunities arise and attracting international talent.

The ministry urged those not yet registered to do so, with employers having the option to register workers at no cost.

How to Register For Unemployment Insurance

Registration channels include the Insurance Complex’s website, smart application, self-service kiosks, business service centers, exchange centers, and bank applications.

The system has two categories based on salary, with monthly subscription fees of Dhs5 (up to Dhs10,000 compensation) and Dhs10 (up to Dhs20,000 compensation).

To claim compensation, one must participate for 12 consecutive months and not leave the country or get a new job.

Compensation is up to three months’ worth, calculated at 60% of the basic salary or the system’s ceiling amount in the last six months before unemployment.


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