Sania Mirza’s father issues statement after Shoiab Malik announces marriage with Sana Javed

by Staff Reporter
Sania Mirza's father

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik revealed on Saturday that he has entered into a second marriage with popular Pakistani actor Sana Javed.

Sania Mirza’s father, Imran Mirza, mentioned that it was a “khula,” signifying the right of a Muslim woman to unilaterally divorce her husband.

Malik, who was previously married to Sania Mirza in April 2010, shared a photo with his new wife on social media with the caption “And We created you in pairs.”

His five-year-old son, Izaan, from his previous marriage, lives with Sania Mirza.

Sania Mirza is a long time Dubai resident.

What is Khula?

In Islam, “khula” refers to a legal process through which a Muslim woman can seek a divorce from her husband. Unlike talaq, which is the right of a husband to unilaterally divorce his wife, khula allows a woman to initiate the divorce proceedings.

The woman may request the dissolution of the marriage by offering compensation or forfeiting some of her financial rights. The process involves Islamic legal authorities and is aimed at ensuring fairness and protecting the rights of both parties. Khula is based on the principle that if a marriage is not working and there are valid reasons, a woman should have the right to seek a divorce, subject to the approval of Islamic authorities.

Speculations about troubles in Shoaib and Sania’s relationship had been circulating since 2022, and the couple had been rarely seen together in recent years.

Malik’s decision to unfollow Sania Mirza on Instagram added fuel to the ongoing rumors.

Shoaib Malik’s new chapter involves a union with Sana Javed, a renowned actor who had previously been married to singer Umair Jaiswal in 2020.

However, just two months prior, reports emerged about Sana Javed and Umair Jaiswal’s divorce.

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