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Saned Facilities Management takes part in Sharjah Building Safety Forum

by Staff Reporter
Saned Facilities Management takes part in Sharjah Building Safety Forum

Saned Integrated Facilities Management, which is associated with Sharjah Asset Management, recently took part in the Sharjah Building Safety Forum.

The forum was organised in partnership between Saned, Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority, and Sharjah Civil Defence Authority and was held at the American University of Sharjah.

The primary aim of the forum was to inform attendees from real estate companies, real estate developers, landlords’ associations, maintenance companies and facilities management companies about the latest developments, laws and safety procedures pertaining to buildings in Sharjah.

Advanced practices

Eng. Sultan Al Ketbi, CEO of SANED said: “We are participating in this forum to achieve our vision of becoming the leading company for managing service providers in the Middle East. Our goal is to influence the facilities management industry with the highest quality and most advanced practices, utilising the latest global technologies and top human resources, all while pursuing sustainable business practices.

Al Ketbi continued: Our aim in participating is to introduce Saned’s work, which encompasses managing integrated facilities as well as various aspects of health, safety, and environmental management. This includes developing fire prevention strategies, conducting HSE and training, integrating safety systems, implementing building and structure designs and providing other technical services relevant to both sectors. We hope to familiarise all participants, including government and private agencies, real estate owners, and landlords, with the full scope of our work.”

Al Ketbi stressed that, through the forum, they seek to encourage all participants to install a safety system.

“We will seek to reach and comply with 100% of the owners of real estate investors and facilities in the Emirate of Sharjah to which the decision to install and connect a safety system for the protection of buildings from fires and accidents is applicable. The installation of a ‘safety’ device is compulsory for all facilities in the Principality, applying the highest levels of protection and safety.”

According to Al Ketbi’s statement, it is necessary for all personnel working in facilities management, security, and safety in both government and private sectors in the Emirate of Sharjah to enrol at the Salama Institute.

The purpose of this enrolment is to ensure they are qualified and familiarised with accident prevention methods, fire safety awareness, emergency response plans, and reduce wrong practices that may lead to injuries at work sites.

Safety device

Prevention and Safety Authority and Saned showcased a safety device during the meeting that links fire systems in facilities to both the General Directorate of Civil Defense’s operating room and Saned’s own operation room. This is aimed at decreasing the response time to deal with fires, to safeguard members of the community from the potential danger of fire. The device features an alarm system that triggers in the event of fire or other emergencies.

Saned and Prevention and Safety Authority evaluated the function of the Salama Institute, a collaborative venture between them. Its primary objective is to raise awareness of health and public safety in Sharjah by offering training on occupational safety practices across various workplaces.


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