SalamAir to showcase Oman’s beauty to the world

by Staff Reporter
SalamAir’s Capture Oman campaign

In a bid to promote Oman as a must-visit destination and strengthen its contribution to Oman’s Vision 2040, SalamAir, the sultanate’s fastest-growing value-for-money airline, has initiated its latest marketing campaign, “Capture Oman.”

With an expanding fleet of aircraft, an ever-increasing network of destinations, and a growing number of passengers, SalamAir is making strides in positioning Oman as a key aviation and travel hub in the region.

SalamAir’s Capture Oman campaign

The heart of the “Capture Oman” campaign lies in engaging the citizens and residents of Oman who possess a talent for capturing the country’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage through their camera lenses. Participants are encouraged to submit high-quality photos of Oman’s scenic wonders on SalamAir’s social media outlets, namely Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #CaptureOman. These photos are expected to capture the essence of Oman’s stunning landscapes and cultural heritage.


Selected images will be featured in a global advertising campaign, shedding light on the exquisite natural beauty of Oman while giving due credit and recognition to the talented photographers behind the lens. This initiative aims to inspire wanderlust in travelers worldwide, prompting them to choose the Sultanate as their next travel destination.

Showcasing Oman’s beautiful places to the world

SalamAir’s “Capture Oman” campaign not only invites all photography enthusiasts to share Oman’s captivating beauty with the world but also seeks to boost the nation’s tourism industry, a key pillar of the airline’s commitment to Oman’s Vision 2040. By encouraging individuals to contribute their stunning photographs, SalamAir is on a mission to put Oman firmly on the global tourism map.


Under the campaign’s terms and conditions, participants grant SalamAir permission to use their submitted images while ensuring that photographers receive due credit in all advertisements. The airline also retains the right to select and feature photos at its discretion.

SalamAir’s “Capture Oman” campaign is set to ignite a new wave of enthusiasm for discovering Oman’s remarkable landscapes and cultural treasures, turning the spotlight on a nation brimming with adventure and beauty.

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