Realty Force Real Estate awarded top Performing Agency 2023 by Expo City Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Realty Force Real Estate

Realty Force Real Estate, a boutique agency specializing in high-end luxury properties, has been awarded the Top-performing Agency 2023 in recognition of its deep understanding of Expo City’s sales landscape and its vision for innovative, sustainable, and human-centric urban development.

Realty Force was honoured with two Tesla cars in different categories, validating the compact firm’s comprehensive expertise in high-end, futuristic developments like Expo City.

Realty Force facilitates Dhs176 million sales

Realty Force has the distinction of facilitating sales worth over Dhs176 million in Expo City — a remarkable and rare feat accomplished through a value-over-volume approach to real estate transactions. Over the years, with CEO Riyaz Merchant at the helm, Realty Force has built a commendable sales track record characterized by utmost transparency, reliability, and meticulous attention to detail. Such competencies have translated to delightful experiences for buyers and sellers alike, enabling Realty Force to continue adding to its awards tally.

Riyaz Merchant, CEO of Realty Force Real Estate

Expo City Dubai

“To us, Expo City epitomizes a futuristic urban development with its demonstrable sustainability, people-centric design, and cutting-edge technologies. Its vision resonated with ours from the outset, encouraging us to take a special and professional interest in it. That conviction enabled us to genuinely convey the project’s value to buyers and align it with their aspirations,” noted Riyaz Merchant, CEO of Realty Force Real Estate. The firm has excelled at sniffing out good projects before they attain popularity and gaining an early-mover advantage, enabling investors to rake in significant returns.

Record-breaking rental deal

Realty Force once orchestrated a record-breaking rental deal of a villa and the sale of a garden house (both in Palm Jumeirah) before transacting the most expensive property (Dhs89 million) in District One — a record that stands to this day.

Beneath the big numbers is a strong foundation of trust, reinforced by consistent efforts over the years to build customer relationships beyond just transactions. Its association with the Expo City exemplifies that purpose-driven approach.

“Expo City is the legacy of the UAE’s most defining accomplishment in recent memory: Expo 2020 Dubai. It symbolizes the nation’s grit and determination to successfully host a global event in the face of unprecedented crisis while painting a promising picture of a future marked by sustainability, technological innovations, and tolerance. We are glad to have the likes of Realty Force, who have bought into our vision, as we continue to co-write Expo City’s great story,” said Karim ElSayyad, VP – Sales, Expo City.


Incidentally, Realty Force accomplished significant milestones during the pandemic: Executed a high-value transaction in La Mer Maison, was nominated for the Best Boutique Agency 2019 and Best Quality Agency 2021 by Property Finder, and was inducted into Nakheel’s Diamond Club in 2021. According to CEO Riyaz Merchant, every crisis presents a steep learning curve interspersed with opportunities to enhance core competencies and increase efficiency.

“The pandemic taught us how indispensable technologies and lean workforces are to successful real estate transactions.”

As a testament to Riyaz’s words, Realty Force recently launched a new portal ( after optimizing its CRM systems. Concurrently, the firm has ramped up its spending on strategic recruitment, particularly on new trainees to foster the next generation of proficient real estate professionals. Always open to onboarding and working with new property consultants, Realty Force believes in value hiring, wherein it can grow sustainably while aiding the personal and professional growth of employees. The latest award from Expo City has given Realty Force a timely fillip to pursue that vision.

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