RAKBANK launches Watani credit card for Emiratis

by Tanvir Awan
RAKBANK launches Watani credit card for Emiratis

RAKBANK has introduced a brand-new credit card designed to bring a touch of exclusivity to over one million Emiratis in the UAE.

The card promises a competitive edge, offering discounts, rewards, and extra perks specifically crafted to cater to the unique needs and cultural interests of Emirati citizens. What makes it even better is that the card is crafted from recycled materials, showcasing the bank’s dedication to weaving sustainability into its core business strategy, with the goal of achieving net zero emissions in banking operations by 2030.

Watani credit card benefits, key features

For UAE nationals, the Watani credit card comes with a range of benefits, including discounted pricing, unlimited enhanced rewards, exclusive perks like 100% value back on Salik and DARB, as well as special discounts at select establishments.

The Watani card extends its offerings to cover various aspects of wellness, education, gaming, and lifestyle. Beyond that, it also aims to encourage the use of digital payments, especially among the tech-savvy younger generation of affluent UAE nationals, who seek a smooth and hassle-free banking experience.

Taimoor Almashjari, Vice President-Emirati Segment, RAKBANK said: “The UAE is home to talented and successful Emiratis who have made a name for themselves both locally and globally. These individuals are driving the country’s economic vision and shaping its business landscape. We want to offer them utmost flexibility and exclusivity when it comes to fulfilling their banking needs.”

He added: “We are delighted to offer a specialized credit card that will cater to the unique needs of Emirati citizens. UAE nationals will be able to enjoy a host of exclusive benefits across retail, travel, education – and much more. The launch of this card showcases RAKBANK’s commitment to financial inclusion and supporting the economic prosperity of the Emirati population.”

Shehzad Hameed, the Managing Director of Retail Banking at RAKBANK, shed light on the strategic approach taken by the bank to cater to the significant Emirati segment. Recognizing the paramount importance of this segment, especially as a national bank, Hameed emphasized the commitment to providing tailored services that address the diverse needs of Emirati customers.

RAKBANK credit card

Shehzad Hameed

The bank’s focus extended beyond conventional banking services, encompassing credit cards, loans, accounts, and mortgages to ensure comprehensive coverage of customer requirements.

Hameed also highlighted the successful delivery of these services in the past year.

“In the pursuit of excellence, the current year saw a dedicated effort to design a credit card aligned with the specific needs, desires, and expectations of the Emirati segment. Drawing inspiration from in-depth research, the bank identified key features catering to the preferences of Emirati customers, whether it be related to online streaming, recreational activities like paddle-playing, or dining at establishments frequented by the local population,” he said.

Hameed pointed out the meticulous integration of these insights into the credit card proposition, ensuring a product that resonates with the Emirati audience. Despite already being among the leading banks in the credit card domain, RAKBANK remains committed to further investment in this critical business sector.

Hameed emphasized that the credit card business holds significant importance for the bank, alongside other key business segments.


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