Most in-demand used cars in UAE revealed

by Tanvir Awan
Most in-demand used cars in UAE

In the dynamic landscape of the UAE’s automotive realm, the year 2023 witnessed an unprecedented surge in the demand for used cars.

Dubizzle, the frontrunner in connecting buyers and sellers, has unveiled insights into the most in-demand cars shaping the roads of the UAE.

As highlighted in the Dubizzle Pre-Owned Car Market Report 2023, this comprehensive overview delves into the top-performing brands and models, providing a captivating glimpse into the automotive preferences that dominated the market throughout the year.

Luxury used car market trends in UAE 2023

The 2023 Annual Market Report on Luxury Pre-owned Cars in the UAE reveals a thriving landscape marked by soaring demand and evolving trends. Despite traditionally high price tags, the pre-owned luxury car segment experienced substantial growth.

Key trends include:

German Dominance: Mercedes-Benz and BMW maintained their positions at the top, offering high-end models with cutting-edge technology.

EV Popularity: The surge in popularity of electric vehicles has led major automakers to incorporate eco-friendly options, broadening the range of environmentally conscious choices.

Online Platform Rise: The rise of online platforms like dubizzle is highlighted, transforming the vehicle-buying process and contributing to the sector’s robust growth.

Top Luxury Models: Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 5-Series, Lexus LS-Series, Range Rover, and Porsche Cayenne secured positions as the most sought-after models.

SUV Dominance: SUVs continued to dominate the luxury vehicle segment, with Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Land Rover Range Rover leading the way.

Price Ranges: Average price ranges for popular models, including the Mercedes S-Class and Nissan Patrol, provide insights into market accessibility.

The most popular used luxury sedan, the Mercedes S-Class, has been available on dubizzle at an average price ranging from Dhs263,600 for the 2019 model to Dhs676,200 for the 2023 model. This iconic model has represented the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.

The average price range for the Nissan Patrol, the most sought-after luxury SUV, has fallen between Dhs151,400 to Dhs249,800 for models spanning 2019 to 2023. With its commanding presence and refined features, the Patrol has remained a top choice.

The second most in-demand SUV, the Toyota Land Cruiser, has an average price range of Dhs217,600 to Dhs339,200 for the 2019 to 2023 models respectively. This robust SUV has combined luxury with unparalleled off-road capabilities.

Other pre-owned luxury models that have been making waves in the market include the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 7-Series, Land Rover Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Lamborghini Urus.

Non-luxury used car market trends

As the non-luxury pre-owned car market experiences remarkable year-on-year growth, a shift in consumer preferences towards practicality and performance becomes evident.

Key trends include:

Japanese Dominance: Toyota and Nissan maintain dominance, offering popular models like Camry, Corolla, Altima, and Pathfinder.

Ford’s Rise: Ford jumped to the third spot, gaining popularity with models such as Mustang and Explorer.

Honda’s Consistency: Honda maintained popularity with the Accord and Civic in the non-luxury sedan category.

Popular SUVs: The Ford Explorer topped the list, with the Toyota Prado and Toyota RAV4 remaining popular choices among used SUV buyers.

Non-luxury Sedans: The Nissan Altima led the market with intelligent mobility features, while Toyota Camry and Corolla continued to be popular for fuel efficiency and durability.

The Ford Explorer topped the list with an average price range of Dhs99,600 to Dhs181,500 for the 2019 and 2022 models. The Toyota Prado and Toyota RAV 4 have also remained popular among used SUV buyers in 2023, the first being popular for its excellent off-roading capabilities, while the latter for its impressive fuel economy.

When it comes to used non-luxury sedans, the Nissan Altima has led the market with intelligent mobility features. The price for Altima has been around Dhs51,100 for the 2019 model and Dhs99,500 for the 20223 model. Besides, the Toyota Camry and Corolla have maintained popularity for fuel efficiency and durability. Honda Accord and Honda Civic also stayed in demand for non-luxury sedans in 2023 in the UAE.

Most in-demand used cars in UAE

Haider Ali Khan, CEO of dubizzle and Head of dubizzle Group MENA, remarked on the market’s growth, citing factors such as shifting consumer preferences, strategic government policies, and improvements in traffic systems and infrastructure as key drivers. Dubizzle’s commitment to innovation and adaptability has positioned it as a market leader, paving the way for a transformative wave in the UAE’s pre-owned car market.

Key market trends shaping the automotive landscape:

Dubizzle’s annual market reports delve into the trends shaping both luxury and non-luxury used car markets in the UAE. The factors contributing to the surge in demand include:

Dubizzle Impact: Streamlining the vehicle-buying process with a comprehensive range of services, including car insurance, financing, and value-added services.

Extensive Listings: Over 300,000 unique live listings catering to diverse preferences, ensuring a vehicle for every visitor.

High Leads Generation: The platform generated over 10 million new leads, underscoring its popularity in connecting buyers and sellers in the pre-owned car market.

Grand Events: Exclusive events like the dubizzle Yard Weekend Sale showcasing a diverse portfolio of vehicles, attracting buyers who prefer in-person shopping experiences.

EV Surge: A 33% increase in demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs), aligning with the UAE government’s commitment to green mobility.

Integration of IoT and AI: The incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence in luxury cars, enhancing the driving experience with features like autonomous driving, smart safety features, and voice commands.

A promising future for used cars buyers and sellers in UAE

Dubizzle’s used car market reports indicate significant growth, showcasing a promising future driven by buyers seeking better value. With platforms like dubizzle, the car-buying journey becomes not just a transaction but an enriched experience. Whether investing in pre-owned luxury or non-luxury vehicles, buyers can expect a seamless and rewarding ownership experience, solidifying Dubizzle Cars’ position as a key player in the evolving automotive market.

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