Pakistan embassy in UAE honours high-achieving students

by Staff Reporter
Pakistan Ambassador in UAE motivate students

The Embassy of Pakistan hosted a special event, dedicated to honouring the outstanding academic achievements of Pakistani students studying in UAE, particularly in Secondary School and Higher Secondary School examinations.

The event was attended by fifty-five students hailing from various regions across the UAE.

Pakistani Students in UAE Honoured

During the event, Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt congratulations to the high-achieving students.

He not only acknowledged their relentless hard work and unwavering dedication but also expressed his sincere appreciation for the pivotal roles played by their teachers and parents in nurturing their success.

Pakistan Ambassador in UAE Motivate Students

Ambassador Tirmizi used the occasion to inspire and motivate the students, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their diligent efforts.

He underlined that their commitment to excellence would play a vital role in realizing their dreams and aspirations. Furthermore, he highlighted the significant role they would play in contributing to the success and progress of the overseas Pakistani community and, in turn, the prosperity of the UAE.

As a token of recognition for their remarkable accomplishments, Ambassador Tirmizi presented commendation certificates to each of the high-achieving students.

He reassured them of the Embassy’s steadfast support for community welfare and success, reaffirming their commitment to fostering a thriving Pakistani community in the UAE.

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