Ora Nursery reports strong performance in 2022

by Staff Reporter
Ora Nursery

Ora Nursery, a Dubai-based early childhood centre, performed strong in 2022 amidst the rising interest in futuristic early childhood education in the UAE and the growing local education industry.

Ora reported a steadily expanding community of young learners aged 45 days to five years old, with parents being curious about their concepts and futuristic approach to nurture their children’s interest in innovation and forward thinking learning methods.

Technology-driven future

“We credit our solid performance last year to our child-driven experiential learning environment that is designed to make the impact of learning effective and long-lasting. At the heart of this system is a curiosity-based play environment featuring age-appropriate experiences and activities. We have designed our framework to encourage interaction and collaboration in a fun and appealing way to make our young learners stand out and ready to embrace a technology-driven future,” said Ora’s General Manager Tanja Spasojevic.

Ora follows four key pillars of Leadership Skills, Happiness and Positivity, Advanced Sciences, and Technology and Coding integrated in their holistic development.

Furthermore, under Ora’s learning ecosystem, the children are free to explore simple mechanisms, technology and at the same time develop their own concepts, being all projects age appropriate. Nurturing and meaningful learning experiences are provided daily, and children have agency over their own learning and their leadership skills are encouraged.

“The present century necessitates a more flexible early childhood learning framework that is more collaborative, interactive, and progressive, as well as reflective of the future. Our child-driven experiential learning meets this requirement and more. We will build on our success last year to bring our learning centre to new heights, I am happy today that we have become a centre for reference innovation in early years education both locally and internationally due to our pioneer vision,” Spasojevic added.

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