New Sunday newspaper hits the shelves in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Sunday new weekly newspaper in Dubai

In an exciting development on the media landscape, a new weekly newspaper called “Sunday” has been launched in Dubai.

The inaugural edition of the publication is available free of charge from November 5. With 80,000 copies to be distributed across the emirate, the new weekly newspaper is poised to make a significant impact on Dubai’s media scene.

Sunday – new weekly newspaper in Dubai

Launched by the reputable Arabian Business, “Sunday” promises to offer residents and readers high-quality local journalism, community updates, lifestyle features, and more.

The paper will be readily accessible to the Dubai audience, thanks to its extensive distribution network.


Each edition will be available every Sunday, starting at 6 AM, and it will be distributed far and wide. With a distribution network spanning over 65 prominent malls, more than 60 major hotels, 50 residential communities and a presence in over 300 popular cafes and restaurants, the publication ensures that a copy of the paper will be within easy reach of readers across Dubai.

The new newspaper promises a diverse range of content to keep readers engaged and informed.

From profiling exciting events and exploring Dubai’s vibrant food scene to providing fitness and wellness advice, uncovering local travel gems, celebrating culture and arts, and recommending top regional entertainment options, “Sunday” is set to become a comprehensive and engaging source of news and lifestyle information.

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