These are the new names of 28 areas in Dubai

by Tanvir Awan
Dubai areas new names

Dubai’s iconic Sheikh Zayed Road neighbourhood has undergone a significant transformation, now bearing the distinguished name of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower standing proudly at 830 meters.

Celebrating its 14th anniversary, the Burj Khalifa commands attention along the bustling Emirate’s busiest thoroughfare, overshadowing other renowned skyscrapers.

This noteworthy change is part of a larger initiative by the Dubai Land Department, encompassing 28 renaming endeavors across the city.

The Sheikh Zayed Road segment in Dubai encompasses a plethora of structures, housing apartments, offices, hotel accommodations, and more.

Renowned for its strategic location near landmarks like Downtown, Business Bay, JLT, and Dubai Marina, the area has become a hotspot for investors, renters, and tourists.

Among the notable alterations, Motor City is now recognized as Al Hebiah First, Ranches as Wadi Al Asafa 6, Sports City as Al Hebiah Fourth, and Al Quoz 2 as Ghadeer Al Tair. The comprehensive list of the 28 renamed areas, along with their respective area codes, has been disclosed.

Dubai areas new names

  1. Al Khawaneej Third (284): Al Ttay.
  2. Al Medhmar (384): Al Thanyah Second.
  3. Al Mina Madinat Dubai (321): Al Melaheyah.
  4. Al Safouh Third (383): Al Thanyah First.
  5. Al Suq Al Kabeer (Dubai) (312): Al Souq Al Kabeer.
  6. Dubai Industrial City First (531): Saih Shuaib 2.
  7. Dubai Industrial City Second (532): Saih Shuaib 3.
  8. Dubai Industrial City Third (533): Saih Shuaib 4.
  9. Emirates Hills First (393): Al Thanyah Fifth.
  10. Emirates Hills Second (388): Al Thanyah Third.
  11. Emirates Hills Third (394): Al Thanyah Fourth.
  12. Festival City Second (412): Al Kheeran.
  13. Golf City (683): Al Hebiah Fifth.
  14. Jabal Ali Industrial (599): Jabal Ali Industrial First.
  15. Jebel Ali Village (591): Jabal Ali First.
  16. Jumairah Village First (681): Al Barsha South Fourth.
  17. Jumairah Village Second (684): Al Barsha South Fifth.
  18. Motor City (674): Al Hebiah First.
  19. Ranches (664): Wadi Al Asafa 6.
  20. Sheikh Zayed Road (345): Burj Khalifa.
  21. Sport City (682): Al Hebiah Fourth.
  22. Sport City First (675): Al Hebiah Second.
  23. UM NAHED 1 (911): Madinat Hind 1.
  24. UM NAHED 2 (912): Madinat Hind 2.
  25. UM NAHED 3 (913): Madinat Hind 3.
  26. UM NAHED 4, Al Yufrah 2, Al Yufrah 3 (914): Madinat Hind 4.
  27. Al Goze Second (340): Ghadeer Al Tair.
  28. Esalal (513): Madinat Latifa.

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