Nepali receptionist wins Dhs20 million at Mahzooz draw

I normally set aside Dhs35 every week to participate in Mahzooz: Padam

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Nepali receptionist wins Dhs20 million at Mahzooz draw

Eid this year is certainly an unforgettable occasion for the Nepalese receptionist, as luck sided with Mahzooz to award him a massive Dhs20 million top prize.

The leading UAE weekly draw announced Padam as its latest multi-millionaire who made it big at the 124th weekly draw. The same draw also awarded Dhs1,000,000 to Sherlon, the 6th guaranteed raffle prize winner following the draw’s recently launched prize structure.

With that, the total number of Mahzooz millionaires reaches 39 in just two years of operation.

To date, over Dhs407,000,000 has been given away in prize money, to over 236,000 winners, cementing Mahzooz’s position as the leading weekly draw with the highest and most frequent pay-out in the region.

The two new millionaires were not the only ones who celebrated big on April 15 at the 124th weekly draw, as Aboobacker, another fortunate participant bagged the last Ramadan raffle prize of 400 g of Mahzooz gold coins, as part of the Golden Ramadan Draw.

Mahzooz draw results

“Padam is not our first multi-millionaire from Nepal. In 2022, we awarded Dhs10,000,000 to a Nepalese expat. Mahzooz is very proud to be able to make a significant difference in our participants’ lives, especially those who come to the UAE with modest dreams of earning a few hundred dirhams as a monthly salary,” said Farid Samji, CEO of EWINGS, Managing Operator of at the press conference held to announce the Mahzooz winner.

“While credit is added instantly to the accounts of winners of small prizes, our multi-million winners receive their prize money in full, as soon as all customer detail verification is completed.  For winners with modest income who are not used to handling large amounts of money, we encourage them to get a professional financial counsel which could potentially help them make sound business and financial decisions” he continued.

Mahzooz winner’s life story

The Dhs20,000,000 top prize winner’s life story was briefly shared during the press conference. Padam came to the UAE 23 years ago and has been working for the same employer since. Initially he started working as a house help and then became the employer’s personal driver. Padam has demonstrated great loyalty that, despite approaching his retirement age, he was offered the opportunity to work as an office receptionist for the same employer.

“Padam has also been loyal to Mahzooz, which in return, has rewarded him twice in the past for his loyalty! He won Dhs350 with Mahzooz four months ago, but little did he know that this prize was a precedent for an even bigger reward of Dhs20,000,000. He watches the live draw every Saturday, but he was busy on April 15 evening, so he did not realize he had won until he received a call from Mahzooz on Sunday. He initially mistook the call for a joke and did not take it seriously. However, while on the call, he thought of checking his Mahzooz account and was astounded to discover that in fact, he had won Dhs20,000,000.

“I don’t have words to express how overjoyed I am. I never dreamt of owning such a large amount of money. I normally set aside Dhs35 every week to participate in Mahzooz, even if it means forsaking a meal or some groceries at times, because I knew this money will one day give me good returns,” remarked the delighted family man.

Padam is still coming to terms with his big win, and he hasn’t decided yet how to spend his money. He knows for sure that he will utilize a portion of the windfall to cover his ailing wife’s medical expenses. He will also pay off his debts and save for his daughter’s future education.

Padam’s future plans

When asked about his retirement plans, he confirmed wanting to settle down with his family in the UAE, therefore using a portion of his new fortune to buy a house. However, even after becoming a multi-millionaire, Padam expressed his desire to continue working for the same company that afforded him and his family a decent life for the past 23 years. Padam will also continue to participate in Mahzooz because it is thanks to Mahzooz that his life was transformed for the better.

 Weekly millionaire

Sherlon on the other side, Mahzooz’s sixth guaranteed raffle draw millionaire, who was also present at the press conference, had many reasons to rejoice his Dhs1,000,000 fortune last Saturday. The 35-year-old father of a four-month-old infant who works as a radiographer at a private hospital in Dubai, has previously won Dhs35 twice with Mahzooz.

“I found out I had won Dhs1,000,000 when I received a call from a friend. It was my wife who answered the call and she didn’t believe him at first. She thought it was a joke. But we were both thrilled to see that I became Dhs1,000,000 richer when I checked my Mahzooz account later.”

How to buy Mahzooz ticket online

By purchasing a Mahzooz bottle of water for Dhs35, every week, participants stand the chance of winning the top prize of Dhs20,000,000, the second prize of Dhs200,000 and third prize of Dhs250, in addition to a guaranteed prize of Dhs1,000,000 in the Raffle Draw.

 Golden draw

On Saturday April 22nd, Mahzooz will also be holding an additional Golden Draw on the occasion of Eid, where one lucky winner will be awarded 1KG of gold, equivalent to 100 gold coins.

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