Mahzooz awards Dhs300,000 to three lucky winners

by Staff Reporter
Mahzooz draw results

Mahzooz Saturday Millions’ 160th draws results announced: 124,211 winners were awarded AED 1,882,885

Mahzooz Saturday Millions, the UAE’s leading weekly draw with the biggest and most frequent pay-outs, stood true to its promise of maximizing winnability at the 160th draws and awarded 124,211 winners a total prize of Dhs1,882,885.

Mahzooz draw results

Embracing the new prize structure, Mahzooz Saturday Millions lived up to its reputation as the leader in generous weekly pay-outs. While the top prize of Dhs20,000,000 went unclaimed this week, 124,211 winners scored victory as follows:

  • 2nd prize: 36 winners matched 4 of 5 numbers and shared the second prize of Dhs150,000, earning Dhs4,166 each.
  • 3rd prize: 1,851 winners matched 3 out of 5 numbers and shared the second prize of Dhs150,000, earning Dhs81 each.
  • 4th prize: 22,376 winners matched 2 out of 5 numbers and earned a free Mahzooz line worth Dhs35 (total: Dhs783,160)
  • 5th prize: 99,945 winners matched 1 out of 5 numbers and earned Dhs5 each, (total: Dhs499,725)
  • As part of Mahzooz Saturday Millions’ newest prize structure, where 3 lucky participants win the Triple 100 guaranteed raffle prize of Dhs300,000, the 160th draws awarded the holders of ID 41977338, ID 42019525, and ID 42074354 Dhs100,000 each.

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