National Bonds unveils ‘My One Million’ saving plan

by Tanvir Awan
National Bonds unveils ‘My One Million’ saving plan

National Bonds has introduced the “My One Million” plan, designed to help both individuals and corporations reach a savings and profit goal of Dhs1 million at the end of their chosen tenure.

The new plan is affordable and flexible, allowing customers to select a tenure ranging from 3 to 10 years.

National Bonds ‘My One Million’ Plan

Customers have the option to kick-start their savings journey with a lump-sum investment, and companies can also contribute on behalf of their employees, enhancing employee retention.

Enrolling in the plan is a straightforward process, available through the National Bonds app or any of their branches. Customers begin by choosing the plan’s duration and then set up their monthly contributions.


They can also opt to make an initial savings amount, a choice available to both individuals and corporations. For example, if a customer selects a 10-year plan and decides to start with a lump sum of Dhs100,000, the required monthly contribution to reach Dhs1 million by the plan’s end will be Dhs6,200.

Participants in the “My One Million” plan can improve their financial well-being through rewards and cash prizes provided by National Bonds.

These rewards include access to National Bonds’ Dhs35 million rewards programme, which features a quarterly Dhs1 million draw and an annual draw for 16 luxury cars.

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