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Mahzooz Draw: Filipina mother wins Dhs100,000 on her birthday

by Staff Reporter
Mahzooz Draw: Filipina mother wins Dhs100,000 on her birthday

In an incredible display of luck, Yvonne, a 43-year-old single mother residing in Sharjah, UAE, received an unforgettable birthday gift on Saturday November 18, 2023, during Mahzooz’s 155th live draws.

Being one of three lucky winners who bagged Dhs100,000 each as part of the Triple 100 guaranteed raffle draw, Yvonne is so grateful to her mother, who was the lucky charm behind her incredible win.

Yvonne is the new Mahzooz winners

Yvonne’s life changed in the most unexpected and joyous way when she decided to purchase a Mahzooz water bottle on Saturday morning, fulfilling a birthday wish from her visiting mother.  With two children aged 17 and 12, the working mother embarked on a field trip with her family on Sunday morning, blissfully unaware of the life-changing news awaiting her.

Overwhelmed with joy upon receiving a phone call from Mahzooz, Yvonne immediately shared the news with her children and visiting mother who excitedly celebrated the moment with her.

The unexpected windfall marks a significant milestone for Yvonne, who has previously won smaller amounts in raffle draws in the Philippines but never an amount of this magnitude.


As the primary breadwinner of her family, Yvonne plans to use her winnings wisely. Her intention is to invest in real estate in the Philippines, securing a small home for her and her loved ones. In addition, she aims to provide financial assistance to her siblings, demonstrating the true spirit of generosity and gratitude.

Yvonne was not the only winner at the guaranteed Triple 100 raffle draw. Joining Yvonne in the celebration are two more lucky winners who also secured the Dhs100,000 prize each in the same Mahzooz draws.

Jeevitha from India

Jeevitha, a 32-year-old housewife living in India received the life-changing news while outside dropping her youngest daughter at a drawing class. Overwhelmed with excitement, Jeevitha plans to use her winnings to start a business in her home country.

Jeevitha’s journey with Mahzooz began with recommendations from her brother who lives in Qatar, after which she started participating once a month.

Suresh, a resident of Sharjah

The third winner, Suresh, a 39-year-old IT professional based in Sharjah and working in Dubai, was elated to discover that he was a winner when he received a call from Mahzooz.

Father of one-year-old son, Suresh plans to settle financial liabilities with part of his winnings. He expressed his happiness at the unexpected windfall, having sometimes watched the live show and participated regularly, even if occasionally missing due to his busy schedule.

These three diverse and inspiring stories showcase the global reach and impact of Mahzooz, bringing joy and financial blessings to participants from different walks of life.

For Dhs35, participants can purchase a bottle of Mahzooz Saturday Millions water and enter the weekly draws consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the top prize of Dhs20,000,000, the second prize of 150,000, the third prize of Dhs150,000, the fourth prize of free Mahzooz line worth Dhs35 and the fifth prize of AED 5, as well as the Triple 100 weekly raffle draw, which will grant Dhs100,000 every week to three guaranteed raffle winners.


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