Limited-time Ninja experience unveiled for families

by Staff Reporter
OliOli® introduces the LEGO® Ninjago Academy

OliOli® introduces the LEGO® Ninjago Academy, an immersive experience crafted by the LEGO brand. Open until February 18, the unique experience invites families to delve into the world of Ninjago.

Participants, particularly kids, will engage in ninja training, equipping themselves with essential tools and honing their skills for a mission to save the dragons. OliOli® transforms into the ultimate training ground, offering challenges to push participants’ limits over the next few weeks.

This experience encourages children to test their abilities, enhance building skills, and overcome various obstacles. Collaboration is essential as participants navigate the academy, refining problem-solving skills with each challenge.

The LEGO® Ninjago Academy is included with all Standard PLUS tickets starting from Dhs149 (1 Child + 1 Adult).

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