Huawei highlights socio-economic benefits of digital transformation

SAMENA Leaders' Summit 2023 is organized under the "Sustainable Connectivity and Emerging Ecosystems in Digital Economy" theme

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Huawei highlights socio-economic benefits of digital transformation

Huawei Middle East and Central Asia will be participating in SAMENA Telecommunications Council Leaders’ Summit 2023, the leading telecommunications industry event in the region.

Taking place on May 15 in Dubai, SAMENA Leaders’ Summit 2023 is organized under the “Sustainable Connectivity and Emerging Ecosystems in Digital Economy” theme.

The annual international industry leaders’ congregation will delve into clustered discussions centered on ICT Infrastructure requirements in the region, Digital Services Landscape & New Digital Enablers; Multi-Dimensional Approaches in Cybersecurity; Evolution of 5G Digital Technologies and much more.

SAMENA Leaders’ Summit 2023

Through its participation in the event, Huawei will highlight the immense socio-economic benefits digital transformation brings to the region. With partners, the company will map the way forward for digital economies through digitalization driven by advanced connectivity and solutions.

Huawei is the event’s lead sponsor for the 10th consecutive year. Its key contributions to the upcoming 2023 edition of the event include organizing the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in collaboration with the ITU and SAMENA, hosting the 5.5G forum, shedding light on ICT green development, Giga City, and raising awareness of digital resilience and cyber security requirements in the accelerated digital world.

Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member of SAMENA Council, said, “The Leaders’ Summit 2023 advances SAMENA Council’s aim to address the complex, sustainability aspects of connectivity and associated impact on digital ecosystems and digital economy to the next level. This includes addressing the evolution of 5G, business and societal needs for digital competence and choice in emerging markets, secure as well as sustainable cyberspace while greening our ICT development.

“This year’s Summit has attracted exceptional participation of stakeholders and privileged patronage and participation from UAE government bodies, as well as collaboration from the industry’s leading regional and international ICT bodies, including the ITU, GSMA, GCC governments, the United Nations Broadband Commission, Telecom Operators, Digital Platforms, and leading Technology Providers like Huawei. We anticipate achieving new milestones in industry collaboration and multi-stakeholder cooperation-building in pursuit of advocacy on behalf of the industry.”

Huawei Middle East and Central Asia

Steven Yi, President of Huawei Middle East and Central Asia, said, “Digital transformation brings immense socio-economic benefits to society. However, continuous progress can only be achieved through digital trust, which must be based on facts and standards. Global standards increase trust, allowing digital ecosystems to take root and grow. We remain focused on contributing to the ICT ecosystem, standards organizations and working with customers and industry partners to drive industry upgrade and help create an environment where ICT development is set through openness, collaboration, and innovation for shared success.”


WSIS’s theme is Enhance Digital Trust for a Sustainable, Connected, Intelligent World. Digital transformation and connectivity yield undeniable benefits, including improved productivity, innovation and modernization, accelerated economic growth and advanced human development, but this can only be achieved with appropriate measures taken and trust being built among stakeholders A panel discussion at WSIS will explore how to maximize the potential that accelerated digital transformation can bring to emerging markets and how best to foster and entrench multi-stakeholder digital trust.

5.5G forum

The 5.5G forum will preview the imminent 5.5G era, where all things are connected through intelligence. The 5.5G era includes five major features: 10 Gbit/s experience, full-scene IoT, communication perception integration, L4 autonomous driving network, and green ICT. In the 5.5G era, technological innovation will improve network performance ten times compared to current 5G capabilities. In addition, the new era will empower operators to open new business frontiers and leverage 100 times new business opportunities.

Green Development

Huawei will also shed light on ongoing progress in Green Development. As the global economy recovers, industrial digitalization is accelerating, as does ICT systems’ energy consumption. As carbon emission reduction strategies gain global prominence, calls are growing for the ICT industry to adopt greener practices and shoulder its burden of reducing CO2 emissions. Huawei will work with all parties to help the region move to a greener world.

Giga City

Huawei will discuss its vision for the Giga City. In sessions with customers and partners, experts will explore the importance of optical fiber as a national digital transformation infrastructure and spotlight national success stories in the Giga era. These countries defined advanced strategies for building gigabit societies and have continuously improved the relevant policies and investments to stimulate Giga development. With the powerful advantages of fiber in terms of capacity, sustainability and green development, gigabit optical networks can further promote the development of the digital society. These success stories will further drive 10 Giga society development.

“Together with our ecosystem partners, we will continue to provide innovative technologies, products, and solutions that help our customers build open, secure, flexible, and easy-to-use digital platforms. With our digital platform, Huawei assists customers in crafting their own intelligent solutions and enables industries to navigate digital transformation and intelligent upgrade, injecting new momentum into the digital economy,” Steven Yi concluded.


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