Souq Al Jubail receives over one million visitors in first quarter of 2023

Souq Al Jubail includes 261 shops distributed over 3 sections

by Staff Reporter
Souq Al Jubail receives over one million visitors in first quarter of 2023

Souq Al Jubail received one million and 700,000 visitors during the first quarter of 2023, an increase of 3% compared to the same period in 2022, confirming in numbers its distinguished position as one of the most vital and attractive markets in the country and the region, and an attractive tourist attraction for visitors from different countries of the world.

Souq Al Jubail

Eng. Hamid Al Zarouni, Chief Officer of Souq Al Jubail, said: “The continuous increase in the number of visitors to Souq Al Jubail year after year indicates the continuous work and efforts exerted in seeking to provide added value to market visitors from inside and outside Sharjah, and to upgrade the services and facilities in the market, ensuring that visitors are presented with their various needs of consumer and fresh products and spend enjoyable times under one roof, saving them time and effort and guaranteeing that they get the best shopping experience.”

Al Zarouni stressed that the high demand for Souq Al Jubail from residents, visitors and tourists to the Emirate of Sharjah reflects and enhances Sharjah’s position on the global tourism and hospitality map, as the Souq has become one of the most attractive markets in Sharjah and the region.

Al Zarouni pointed out that the increase in the number of visitors reflected positively on the percentage of sales in the three sections of the market, namely the vegetables and fruits section, the fish and meat section, and the quality services, great care and high supervision over all sections contributed to increasing the interest of traders and investors to the market as well as attracting more shoppers to the market.

Market Facilities

Souq Al Jubail includes 261 shops distributed over 3 sections, namely the vegetables and fruits section 174 shops, including 22 shops for dates, the meat section with 65 shops, the section of fresh fish and seafood includes 35, in addition to the barbecue section, and the sections of cleaning and cutting fish, employs more than 70 employees per day to meet the demands of the market’s customers for this service at nominal prices, as well as a barbecue section (extends over an area of up to 365 Square meters).

The market also has various services and other facilities, such as ATMs, hypermarket, pharmacy and others, which saves shoppers time and effort, offering them services within the highest standards.

Al Jubail 1441 Restaurant & Café

The ‘Al Jubail 1441 Restaurant & Café’ located in Souq Al Jubail specialises in seafood of all kinds, taking its visitors on a unique culinary cultural experience in the Emirate. With its beautiful atmosphere, high artistic design and refined taste, the distinguished and mouthwatering menu transports lovers of seafood directly to the ocean with its flavour profile.

The restaurant also houses a modern cafe operating under the same standards of quality and attention to detail, allowing shoppers and market visitors the opportunity to relax and rewind or use the cafe to meet up with friends and family over a cup of coffee.

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