Home Trends 2024: A guide to stylish dining

by Staff Reporter
Home Trends 2024: Russell & Rose Home guide

As we step into a new year, there’s no better time to refresh and rejuvenate your living spaces and, of course, this includes your dining table.

Founder of Russell & Rose Home, Terri Humphrey, believes the art of home entertaining is at the centre of a communal dining experience. So this 2024, embark on a journey of uplifting your home, starting with the heart of every gathering – the table.

Here Terri shares insightful tips to revitalise your living space and set the stage for memorable gatherings throughout the year.

Home Trends 2024: Russell & Rose Home guide

Russell & Rose Home is a Dubai born brand created out of a deep love for entertaining and dining.

Tablescaping 101

Elevate your hosting game with a thoughtfully styled tablescape for your next gathering. To create a visually intriguing table setting, it is advised to incorporate layers and textures. Opt for crisp linens as your canvas and layer with textured placemats for added depth. Mix and match dinnerware in subtle patterns, complemented by metallic accents for a touch of elegance. For example, you can achieve this by layering the table with a solid colour tablecloth and introducing an off-colour lace overlay. This not only adds depth to the table but also provides a tactile and luxurious element to the overall design.

Nature-Inspired Elements

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating nature-inspired elements into your decor. Botanical prints, wooden accents, and potted plants can breathe life to the table. Integrating the beauty of nature with contemporary design, such as those found in Russell & Rose Home’s “Caribbean Love Story Collection,” seamlessly allows you to create a harmonious balance in your dining spaces.

Using a blend of traditional Caribbean motifs and modern aesthetics, the vibrant hues of hibiscus, bougainvillaea, and plumeria blossoms intertwine with palm fronds and exotic foliage to create a sense of natural beauty and romance. Each petal and leaf tells a tale of love and adventure, making these prints a true celebration of the Caribbean’s enchanting flora and its role in the love stories that unfold in this paradise.

Sustainable Living

In 2024, sustainability continues to take centre stage, with a new focus in home decor. Choose eco-friendly materials and invest in pieces that stand the test of time. There are many homegrown brands that are committed to sustainability, offering a range of ethically sourced and environmentally conscious products handmade by artisans. Look to source pieces that are aligned with these values; you will not only ensure to have unique table pieces that are not overly mass produced, but you will also support smaller businesses who are focused on being environmentally conscious.

Personalised Touches

Inject your unique personality into your living space through personalised decor. Showcase cherished mementos, custom pieces, or heirlooms that tell your story. Your tablescape is an extension of your style so don’t be afraid to add those personal touches.

In 2024, recreate the home to reflect your unique style that promotes well-being, and fosters unforgettable gatherings. By uplifting your surroundings and embarking on a year of timeless elegance and thoughtful living, your guests will truly feel the heart that went into bringing them together around your table. Your home deserves nothing less.


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