Four Seasons offers exclusive private jet experience for customized luxury travel

by Staff Reporter
Four Seasons private jet

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has introduced a unique opportunity for travellers seeking a bespoke luxury travel experience.

For a limited time, the renowned luxury hospitality company is offering the chance to charter its custom-designed private jet, providing guests with the freedom to set their own itinerary.

Four Seasons private jet

“We are delighted to offer this extraordinary opportunity to charter the Four Seasons Private Jet for the first time, in response to the many inquiries we have received from families and groups of friends interested in custom itineraries and travelling for celebratory events,” said Marc Speichert, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Four Seasons.

Four Seasons private jet

“With the added bonus of Four Seasons genuine care and service in the sky and on the ground, all one needs to do is sit back and enjoy the journey with your favourite people.”

The exclusive charter service is available for bookings from August 4 to 26 and December 20 to 27, 2024.

Customized itineraries

Upon booking, guests will collaborate with Four Seasons’ team to create personalized itineraries, leveraging the brand’s extensive network of experts worldwide.

Chenin Mathews, Director of Guest Experience for Four Seasons Private Jet, suggests several itinerary ideas:

Set-Jetting Experience: Visit filming locations of popular movies and TV shows, such as “The Crown,” “Killing Eve,” and “Emily in Paris,” where scenes were shot at Four Seasons properties.

Sports Enthusiast’s Dream: Attend global sporting events in August, including the Summer Games in Paris, car racing in the Netherlands, and football matches across Europe, concluding with the US Open in New York City.

Holiday Getaway: Enjoy a festive vacation with family and friends, exploring Christmas markets in Prague and Vienna, skiing in the French Alps, and celebrating New Year’s in Dubai or Lapland.

Custom Itineraries: Choose from predefined itineraries like Ancient Explorer, Uncharted Discovery, or International Intrigue, and tailor them to individual preferences.

Private jet experience details

The Four Seasons Private Jet is a custom-designed Airbus A321neoLR featuring:

  • 48 spacious leather flatbed seats equipped with personal iPads and Bose headphones.
  • Lounge in the Sky social gathering space, oversized lavatories, and global Wi-Fi.
  • In-flight executive chef offering gourmet meals inspired by destination cuisines.
  • A dedicated team of ten crew members, including pilots, cabin crew, and optional onboard services like a physician or tour manager.
  • State-of-the-art air filtration system, ensuring clean cabin air by removing 99.9% of particles, viruses, and bacteria.

Booking details and restrictions

The charter service is priced at approximately USD 115,000 per day, accommodating up to 48 guests with a crew of 10. Additional services such as ground transfers, accommodations, tours, and tickets can be arranged at an extra cost.

Four Seasons private jet

The aircraft’s extended range allows for non-stop flights of up to eight to nine hours. Longer flights may require technical stops for refueling. The UK-registered aircraft has certain restrictions, including one point of entry or departure in the US, with similar restrictions in some other countries. The Four Seasons Private Jet team will assist clients in planning compliant itineraries.

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