Emirates Draw halts operations from January 1, 2024

by Staff Reporter
Emirates draw today

Emirates Draw, the prominent raffle draw operator in the UAE, has pressed a temporary pause on its jaw-dropping jackpot prizes from January 1, 2024, including the record-breaking Dh200-million draw.

The company, which operates three lucrative games with millions in dirhams up for grabs weekly, made this decision in alignment with the UAE’s initiative to create a well-regulated gaming environment.

In a social media post, the company outlined its commitment to fostering a gaming landscape that adheres to new regulations. The move comes as part of a broader industry-wide mandate, with other operators, such as Mahzooz, also announcing a temporary suspension of their draws.

Emirates Draw’s portfolio includes a game boasting the UAE’s most substantial jackpot, alongside a unique offering providing winners with a “second salary” – a chance to pocket Dhs25,000 per month for an impressive 25 years.


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