Emirates Draw announces another Dhs15 million grand prize winner

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Emirates Draw announces another Dhs15 million grand prize winner

Emirates Draw celebrated its first EASY6 Grand Prize Winner at the close of 2022 and is now ending 2023 on a positive note with its third winner in the same month!

Another Grand Prize Winner successfully matched all 6 numbers in the easy to play, easy to win game. This remarkable win brings the total cash prizes of the Friday game to over Dhs62 million, distributed to 366,727 participants since its launch.

The EASY6 game continuous to confirm its reputation for gaming simplicity and accessibility, offering exponentially higher opportunities to win. Participants simply choose 6 balls out of a pool of only 39.

With its competitive entry ticket for just Dhs15, the winner will receive an Epic Dhs15 million, presenting an opportunity to upgrade to a life of luxury and lasting peace of mind.

EASY6 Grand Prize Winner

“Congratulations to our third EASY6 Grand Prize Winner and all the fortunate winners! Today is a joyful celebration, a testament to our continuous commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. The entire Emirates Draw Team is excited, impressively concluding this year and looking forward to more wins and surprises in 2024.

“We firmly believe that this win will not only transform the life of the winner but also ripple through their community. Emirates Draw remains dedicated in its mission to giving back, led by our flagship Coral Reef Restoration Programme, supporting the UAE’s sustainability vision. As we continue our journey, each win and success story contribute to the ongoing creation of a positive difference, a legacy that extends far beyond this moment,” shared Mohammad Behroozian Alawadhi, Managing Partner at Emirates Draw.

Who is the Grand Prize Winner?

Following a comprehensive verification process, the winner’s full details will be shared soon. Emirates Draw encourages participants to stay tuned for further announcements.

In addition to the Grand Prize, EASY6 also celebrated 6 Raffle Draw Winners, each receiving Dhs15,000. This added a layer of joy for multiple participants. As the world gears up for the upcoming festive season and New Year, these wins inject an extra dash of happiness and good fortune, all in the spirit of “For A Better Tomorrow.”

EASY6 is held every Friday, at 9 pm UAE time. To participate, tickets can be purchased on Emirates Draw’s website or app. Don’t miss out on the next episode, which will be broadcast Live on December 22, 2023.


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