Dubai’s restaurant offers free meals to delivery drivers in Ramadan

Chaiiwala of London located in Dubai Hills Mall

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Dubai's restaurant offers free meals to delivery drivers in Ramadan

Chaiiwala of London is offering a unique and heart-warming experience for food delivery drivers during Ramadan.

Chaiiwala of London has decided to provide free meals to all the food delivery drivers from companies such as Talabat, Deliveroo, and Careem during Iftar.

Due to high demand from customers, drivers are sometimes faced with breaking their fast behind the wheel.

“Delivery bike riders play a crucial role in the speed at which the city operates. We wanted to show our appreciation for the drivers and riders who work tirelessly, sometimes round the clock, to make life easier for us. Even during the COVID-19 restrictions, they worked 24/7, delivering our orders, while we stayed safe in our homes. They not only aim to do their duty but also play a big part in growing the business of a restaurant by doing timely deliveries,” said Mohamed Sohail Alimohamed, founder and director of Chaiiwala of London.

Chaiiwala of London located in Dubai Hills Mall will serve Iftar to drivers who bring in proof of their occupation/valid ID.

Free meals on Fridays

The free meals will be provided every Friday in the month of Ramadan. The meals will be available from 6:00 PM to 12:00 PM, giving drivers enough time to break their fast after a long day of work.

The restaurant will also be providing meal boxes for takeaway to those who cannot sit in the restaurant to break their fast.

Alimohamed added that Ramadan is an important reminder for the community to rekindle compassion and mercy for fellow human beings.

Ramadan spirit

“Ramadan is a good time to remind ourselves how much we have to be thankful for. Many of these drivers are living without their families and I believe its not only our duty to be kind and compassionate towards them but also our responsibility to make their lives easy as they strive to do the same for us every day.”

The restaurant is a true community partner and is committed to making a positive impact during this special time of the year.


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