Dubai waives all traffic fines incurred during rain

by Staff Reporter
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Rain in UAE.

In response to the recent heavy rainfall on April 16, Dubai Police have announced that all fines for traffic violations incurred by motorists during this period will be waived.

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, confirmed this decision, emphasizing the force’s dedication to community safety, particularly in times of unusual weather conditions.

This move aligns with Dubai’s commitment to prioritizing citizen welfare during exceptional circumstances, as evidenced by initiatives approved earlier by Sheikh Hamdan, the Crown Prince.

Similarly, Sharjah Police have taken steps to support residents affected by the inclement weather, including waiving traffic violation fines and providing free vehicle damage certificates. These measures underscore the authorities’ proactive approach to safeguarding public well-being amid challenging weather events.

Earlier, the Ministries of Energy, Infrastructure, Health, and Community Protection have swiftly addressed electricity and water outages in limited areas following unprecedented weather conditions. Specialized teams inspected and sanitized water tanks affected by rainwater leaks to ensure safety according to WHO standards.

Health facilities were prepared to handle potential infections, treating a few cases with symptoms of water contamination. Instructions were issued for affected areas, advising against contact with stagnant rainwater to prevent diseases. The ministries commended emergency teams for their rapid response and urged the public to rely on official sources for information to avoid spreading rumours.

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