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Dubai school sets Guinness World Record with UAE’s largest Hama bead flag

by Staff Reporter
UAE's largest Hama bead flag

Kings’ School Dubai, in partnership with BoxFetti, has accomplished an extraordinary achievement by shattering the Guinness World Records title for crafting the UAE’s “largest bead sprite (flag),” constructing an awe-inspiring UAE flag using an astonishing 242,208 Hama beads. The magnificent flag measures 1.74m in height by 3.48m in width.

Beyond the pursuit of breaking records, this served as a wonderful celebration of the UAE’s enduring values, perfectly timed to honour the 51st UAE National Day.

Demonstrating the spirit of inclusivity and community, every child from Kings’ School Dubai contributed to this remarkable masterpiece. Principal Bede Higgins expresses immense pride in the collaborative effort of Kings’ Dubai students: “It has been a wonderful opportunity to unite our entire student community in achieving this record.”

UAE's largest Hama bead flag

This accomplishment is particularly significant amid the recent surge of Guinness World Records set in the UAE. It underscores the nation’s dedication to commemorating achievements, with this record-breaking event adding a distinctive and artistic dimension to the array of extraordinary achievements accomplished in the region.

The partnership between Kings’ School Dubai and BoxFetti underscores the transformative power of community and collaboration.

As the leading supplier of Hama beads in the Middle East, BoxFetti played a pivotal role in furnishing the essential materials for this ambitious endeavour. Through the children’s concerted efforts, coupled with meticulous planning and execution, a breath-taking display emerged, resonating deeply with the UAE’s ethos of unity.

Kings’ School Dubai and BoxFetti eagerly anticipate further collaborative ventures and record-breaking moments in the future.


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