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Dubai ranks among top 10 most liveable cities for expats

by Staff Reporter
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Dubai’s allure as a premier destination for both work and living receives another boost as it clinches the 9th spot in the latest Global Expat Index. Surpassing renowned cities like Toronto, Sydney, and Lisbon, Dubai stands out with a commendable score of 6.80.

In a parallel ranking focused on Asia, Dubai secures the 3rd position, reaffirming its appeal among expatriates planning to relocate in 2024. Notably, Abu Dhabi also makes a mark at 8th place, with a respectable score of 6.09.

Preply, an online platform for language learning, sheds light on Dubai’s extravagant lifestyle juxtaposed with its high cost of living, averaging $3,787 per month. Despite this, expatriates are drawn to the city by its lucrative tax-free salary, standing at $3,894, the second highest across all Asian cities.

Safety emerges as another feather in Dubai’s cap, with a robust score of 83.40, securing its position as the third safest city on the index. Meanwhile, neighboring Abu Dhabi boasts a slightly lower cost of living at $3,501, complemented by a tax-free salary averaging $3,597 and claiming the top safety spot in Asia with a score of 86.71.

Tallinn, Estonia, steals the spotlight as the ultimate expat haven with an impressive overall score of 7.35, closely followed by Bern, Switzerland, and Singapore. Toronto, Sydney, and Lisbon trail behind, sharing the 11th and 16th positions respectively.

In the Asian arena, Singapore reigns supreme with a stellar score of 7.20, trailed by Bangkok and Dubai, showcasing the emirate’s regional prominence.

Dubai’s exponential rise in popularity among expatriates can be attributed to its proactive approach in embracing hybrid work cultures, epitomized by the introduction of the digital nomad visa scheme in March 2021. This initiative catapulted Dubai to second place in the 2021 Nomad List, attracting a staggering 150,275 user check-ins.

Capitalizing on this influx, Dubai’s burgeoning fintech and financial services sectors emerge as compelling draws for executive nomads, further bolstering the city’s global standing.

Simultaneously, Abu Dhabi experiences a real estate boom fueled by the influx of digital nomads and expatriates, underscoring the UAE’s undeniable appeal as a top destination for global talent.


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