Dubai Crocodile Park announces annual nesting season

by Staff Reporter
Dubai Crocodile Park

Dubai Crocodile Park has announced the commencement of the annual nesting season, a remarkable time when female Nile Crocodiles lay their eggs in specially designated nesting areas within the park.

Facilitating this natural reproductive cycle of crocodiles underscores the park’s commitment to their well-being and conservation.

Dubai Crocodile Park

Marc Gansuana, Head Curator at Dubai Crocodile Park, remarked, “We are in the heart of the egg-laying season at Dubai Crocodile Park. Once a year, our females lay their eggs in the sand in special nesting areas set aside for this purpose. Being able to carry out their reproductive cycle naturally is essential for their well-being.”

Over the past few weeks, a dedicated curatorial team has been diligently monitoring the females, inspecting nests, and carefully collecting eggs. Female Nile Crocodiles can lay up to 60 eggs at a time, which they incubate in sand burrows for approximately 90 days.

These nesting areas are strategically chosen away from water and male territories to ensure safety. Interestingly, the temperature within the nest determines the gender of the hatchlings.

Hatchling to adulthood

Once hatched, the mother crocodile tenderly carries her offspring in her mouth to the water, significantly increasing their chances of survival. Despite meticulous care, the journey from hatchling to adulthood is fraught with challenges, with only 1% of wild hatchlings typically reaching maturity due to various predators.

Dubai Crocodile Park

Committed to the conservation of the largest crocodile species, experts at the Dubai Crocodile Park collect the eggs shortly after laying. Each nest is meticulously examined to record parameters such as temperature, size, and shell quality. This process not only aids in conservation efforts but also provides invaluable insights into the health of the crocodile population.

As the nesting season unfolds, nature enthusiasts must bucket list this unique opportunity to witness this exciting process firsthand. Join us over the next few weeks for an unforgettable glimpse into the natural wonders of these magnificent creatures.

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