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This Dubai-based company gives 70-day paid leave to its women employees

by Staff Reporter
Alpha Nero Dubai

Alpha Nero, a Dubai-based retail design and production company, has announced a new 70-day paid maternity leave policy that comes into force from February 2024. It is the first SME in the region within the manufacturing industry to champion better working environments for women by extending the statutory maternity leave policy – a bold and trailblazing move to better serve women in the modern workplace.

With women in managerial positions, including CFO and COO roles, an all-female accounts department and head of logistics – considered a primarily male-driven department in the Middle East, the company has witnessed first-hand the impact women make within the business.

Alpha Nero

Alpha Nero recognises that being effective, multi-tasking leaders, employees, colleagues and decision-makers who shift productivity with their resourcefulness, can-do attitude and resilient leadership, is not mutually exclusive to also being a homemaker, carer, mother, wife or daughters.

“As a mother of two children, I have chosen to extend maternity leave at Alpha Nero to 70 fully paid days to give women extra time to recover, bond with their babies, and ensure their family’s well-being. We believe that this will be a true game changer for maternal health and happiness,” said Severine Hoss, CFO and COO, Alpha Nero.


“We are a forward-thinking, fast growing, regional company focused on bringing the best to our team who are at the core of all we do and achieve as a business. Women play a huge part in our organization. They lead from every chair and have a voice in what is seen as a largely male-dominated industry. This new policy is our way of continuing to champion women in business,” added Simon Hacker, CEO, Alpha Nero.


As WEP (Women Empowerment Principal) signatories, the company carries a mission to enhance work-life balance for female employees, giving them a chance to have fulfilling careers, and spend time enough with families as mothers and caretakers, to avoid the harmful effects of burnout.


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