Dubai-based adventurer set to cycle 19,800kms from South Africa to Norway

by Staff Reporter
Dubai-based adventurer Paula Ralph set to cycle 19,800 kms from South Africa to Norway

Paula Ralph, a trailblazing philanthropist and sports therapist, is embarking on an extraordinary journey – by becoming the first woman to cycle an astonishing 19,800 kilometres from Cape Town, South Africa to Nordkapp, Norway.

Dubai-based Paula’s journey has been four years in the making, with plans taking shape since 2020. Now, with great excitement, “The Long Ride Coast to Coast (C2C)” announced its official sponsorship by Cycle World in Sharjah and Oryx Cycling Tours in Dubai. This support ensures that Paula’s monumental journey becomes a reality.

Who is Paula Ralph? A Dubai-based Adventurer

A fearless adventurer and sports enthusiast, born in Wales and raised in South Africa, Paula’s record-breaking journey is set to redefine the limits of human endurance.

She aims to set a new world record for female endurance cycling, undertaking a gruelling 200kms a day to complete the route in 100 days or less.

Journey for a Cause

But Paula’s mission doesn’t end there. She is dedicated to creating a lasting impact on the lives of children in disadvantaged communities.

With a vision to provide support through education and cycling, Paula is on a mission to change lives. Her goal is to inspire hope and empower young minds to dream big and achieve greatness, regardless of their circumstances.

She said: “The first step was to answer a call that I felt profoundly, hoping it would captivate people’s attention globally, transcending all diversities. And realising that one needs to wager everything to manifest greatness, even stepping beyond known capabilities. That’s the core of my journey, covering a distance of about 20,000kms from Cape Town to Nordkapp on a bike. It’s not just about breaking records; it’s about making impactful differences.”

‘New Future’ Foundation

Paula plans to launch a “New Future” Foundation, headquartered in Dubai, solely committed to empowering disadvantaged youth, transforming lives through innovative/applied education and the inspirational journey of cycling.

Dubai-based adventurer Paula Ralph set to cycle 19,800 kms from South Africa to Norway

“We are partnering with Kwano Academy in South Africa, as a main beneficiary of the foundation, to help provide opportunities and a platform for young people to become active, positive contributors to society. Our mission extends beyond creating new futures; we strive to ensure no child is left behind in our rapidly advancing world,” adds the endurance cyclist, who began cycling in earnest four years ago.

Paula’s inspirational quest began with a chance discovery — a Facebook post showcasing the world’s longest continuous road. The moment she saw it, she knew she had to set her sights on this monumental challenge. Her journey goes beyond personal achievement; it is about breaking barriers, shattering records and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Through this awe-inspiring endeavour, Paula also aspires to motivate and ignite the spirit of adventure in others. She believes anyone can accomplish incredible feats, and aims to demonstrate this by conquering this arduous journey.

The adventure begins in February 2024 in Cape Town.

Paula Ralph’s Lifelog Dream

Paula’s lifelong dream is to work with and uplift children, helping them realise their dreams are worth pursuing. She envisions a future where her foundation builds schools and ensures children receive a world-class education while actively participating in their learning experiences. Her mission is to nurture young minds, so they truly understand their education instead of merely repeating it.

Paula is being backed on her journey by a professional support team, comprising Certified British Cycling Coach and Performance Enhancer Ian Jenner, who has been training her in long-distance cycling, physiotherapist and performance optimiser, Melissa Abbey, and safety and support crew coordinator Craig Lombardi.

There’s even a DJ on board – Dubai’s own DJ Ronny Ronzi Rodriguez, co-founder of Krooked Noize, who is the official Long Ride C2C playlist curator on Spotify.

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