DP World’s recruitment and training programmes attract over 50 new Emiratis

So far this year, DP World has hired over 50 new Emirati staff in various business units.

by Tanvir Awan

DP World’s success in transforming from a local port operator to global logistics solutions provider, began with its inception four decades ago. It is the story of visionary leadership and talented young Emiratis who worked hard to make DP World a multinational company, while maintaining its Emirati soul. Their confidence and enthusiasm helped them achieve their strategic objectives, making DP World the industry leader that it is today.

So far this year, DP World has hired over 50 new Emirati staff in various business units. The new joiners are set for an exciting journey, on a path laid down by their predecessors whose careers have been empowered by Emiratisation programmes over the last few years.

Today, around 78% of Emiratis are in leadership positions, 20% of whom are women; proving that Emiratis can compete in a difficult job market, meeting the highest international standards.

Nabil Qayed, Director of People & General Administration, People Department, DP World UAE, said, “Our success comes from the vision and efforts of the founding fathers of the UAE and rulers of Dubai, who worked to build world-class infrastructure. The first generation of Emirati leaders in the company, paved the way for the growth of Dubai and the trade sector.”

Qayed added, “DP World is keen to follow this path by preparing the next generation of Emirati leaders, who can contribute to the development with the same energy and determination. We take pride in our success and global leadership. This enhances DP World’s position as a key pillar of the UAE economy. In this regard, 2022 has been an exceptional year for attracting the best Emirati talent.”

Abeer Al Taher, Manager, Talent Acquisition & Emiratisation, People Department, DP World UAE, said, “All the applicants for our Emiratisation programme are passionate about working in the international trade sector and want to explore opportunities in the global supply chain. Our diverse programmes have facilitated the process of Emiratis – from high school students, university graduates and professionals — joining the company, while also motivating existing employees to excel in their careers and take on leadership positions in the company.”

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