7 simple steps to dispute Salik fines and secure refunds in 2024

by Tanvir Awan
How to dispute Salik finesĀ 

Have you recently found yourself facing a Salik fine in Dubai and wondering how to dispute it or seek a refund? Fear not, as Salik provides a straightforward process for contesting fines and obtaining a refund if the payment has already been made.

How to dispute Salik fines

This guide will walk you through the steps, making the process hassle-free.

  1. Initiating the Dispute Process:

To begin the dispute process, head over to the Salik website or use the Salik application. There, you’ll need to apply for the service by entering your car type and plate number. This step is crucial in accessing and disputing your existing fines.

  1. Compiling Your Dispute List:

Once you’ve accessed the portal, it will display your existing fines. Add the relevant fines to your dispute list, preparing them for the contestation process.

  1. Providing Dispute Details:

Enter the specifics of your dispute, detailing the reasons you believe the fine is unjust. This step is essential in ensuring a thorough investigation.

  1. Receiving Your Reference Number:

Upon completing the application, you’ll promptly receive an application reference number. Keep this handy, as it will be crucial for tracking the progress of your dispute.

  1. Investigation Period:

Your dispute request is then forwarded to the violations department, where a comprehensive investigation takes place. Be patient, as this process may take up to 15 days.

  1. Final Status Notification:

The culmination of the investigation results in a final status, communicated to you through SMS. The status will either be an approval or rejection of your dispute.

  1. Alternative: Contacting the Call Centre:

For those who prefer a more direct approach, reach out to RTA’s call centre at 80072545. Follow the same process of initiating a dispute, and within 15 days, you’ll receive the final status through SMS.



Disputing Salik fines is a free-of-charge process through both online and call centre channels. If your dispute is approved and you’ve already paid the fine, rest assured that it will be canceled from the system. To secure your refund, complete the electronic refund form at any customer happiness centre.


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