70% of cyberattacks target business emails, reveals Trend Micro official

by Tanvir Awan
Trends Micro cybersecurity company.

Trend Micro, a stalwart in the realm of cybersecurity, made its notable presence felt at Gitex Global 2023. With their fifth consecutive participation in the prestigious event, the company aimed to accomplish more than just showcasing their solutions; they were on a mission to raise awareness about the intricacies of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Trend Micro at Gitex Global 2023

In a candid conversation with Dubai Newsweek, Rasheed Al Odha, Country Managing Director for KSA, South UAE, Bahrain & Levant, and Director of Services, MEA at Trend Micro, shared insights on the challenges and opportunities in the cybersecurity domain, setting the tone for an engaging discussion on the critical role Trend Micro plays in safeguarding the digital world.

Gitex Global is very special and phenomenal. The main reason to participate in the tech exhibition is to raise awareness about cybersecurity. The cybersecurity landscape today is challenging,” Al Odha said.

Cyber attacks on Business Emails

Amidst a backdrop of sophisticated worldwide cybersecurity challenges, Trend Micro’s robust defence stands out, he said.

“In H1 of 2023, we thwarted over 475 million attacks. The most targeted way in the region is business email compromises. Out of these 475 million cyber security attacks, you will find more than 70% are targeted towards business emails,” he said.

Al Odha said that his company’s philosophy of multi-layered cybersecurity is evident across various platforms, including mobile, laptops, workstations, and at network, server, and cloud levels, known as the “connected threat defence methodology.”

“Our aim is not only protecting emails; our philosophy in cybersecurity is multi-layers.”

Research & Development

Trend Micro’s integrated solutions, comprising various components, are known for their sophistication in tackling evolving threats. With 70% of their workforce dedicated to research, Al Odha said Trend Micro stays ahead of the curve in safeguarding customers from cyberattacks.

Trends Micro cybersecurity company.

Rasheed Al Odha

“Around 70% of our company’s workforce consists of researchers who make sure that the company stay ahead of evolving threats and protect our customers from cyberattacks. The global reach of Trend Micro, with its presence in different time zones, cultures, nationalities, and countries, ensures round-the-clock protection. We are available 24/7 worldwide to protect our customers,” Al Odha remarked.

Zero Day Initiative

He said that Trend Micro takes pride in owning the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), a worldwide software vulnerability programme, contributing to revealing 70% of cybersecurity threats globally each year.

“70% contributes Trend Micro through ZDI programme and 30% are the rest of the players,” he said.

Amid the challenges posed by remote work during the pandemic, he said that Trend Micro offered free licenses to ensure safe remote working environments. They also aided organizations transitioning to the cloud and worked seamlessly with hybrid and multicloud environments.

Artificial Intelligence

With the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the technology landscape, Trend Micro announced the integration of AI within its solutions for customers, building upon its extensive experience in using machine learning and AI since 2004.

“If you see what the whole technology is going for, you will find that artificial intelligence (AI) is there. In Trend Micro, we have announced earlier this year that we are integrating AI within our solutions for the customers. This is why our intelligence is very strong because we mix lots of technologies together,” Al Odha concluded.


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