Comprehensive guide to extending visit visa in the UAE

This guide provides detailed information on the visa extension process

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The UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has introduced new regulations allowing tourists with 30 or 60-day visit visas to extend their stays by an additional 30 days without the need to exit the country.

Guide to Extend Visit Visa in the UAE

This guide provides detailed information on the visa extension process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for tourists visiting the UAE.

Understanding Tourist Visas and Entry Permit Validity

When applying for a visit visa, it is important to note that tourists must enter the UAE within 60 days from the date of issuance. The visit visa’s validity will be either 30 or 60 days, depending on the type of visa requested.

Extending the Visit Visa

To avoid fines of Dhs100 per day, tourists must either leave the country or extend their entry permit before it expires. Thanks to recent reforms in visa procedures, tourists are now eligible for an additional 30-day stay beyond the initial visa duration. It is crucial to apply for the extension immediately to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Maximum Extension Period

The maximum extension period for a visit visa is 120 days. The ICP has introduced smart channels to facilitate the visa extension process, allowing visitors to extend their visas for 30 days without having to visit physical offices.

A comprehensive guide to extending visit visa in the UAEHowever, please note that the extension process does not apply to residency renewal if the residency validity exceeds 6 months. These services are handled separately.

Arrangements Through Licensed Travel Agents

To ensure a safe and legitimate visa arrangement, tourists are strongly advised to make visa arrangements through licensed travel agents and hotels. This precautionary measure helps protect visitors from potential scams.

Licensed agencies in respective countries can collaborate with local tour operators to provide up-to-date information on tourist packages available in the UAE.

UAE Visit Visa Fees and Costs

Understanding the costs associated with visit visas and visa extensions is crucial for proper planning. The fees for single-entry tourist visas are as follows:

  • Tourist visa fee for 30 days: Dhs300
  • Tourist visa fee for 60 days: Dhs500 plus VAT (5%)
  • Knowledge Fee: Dhs10
  • Innovation Fee: Dhs10
  • Fee inside the country: Dhs500

For extending a tourist visa for single or multiple trips, the fee is Dhs600, plus the applicable value-added tax (5%).

If the sponsored person is already inside the country, additional fees include the Knowledge Fee of Dhs10, the Innovation Fee of Dhs10, and a fee of Dhs500.

Utilizing the UAEICP Smart Application

The ICP strongly encourages everyone to download the UAEICP smart application, which offers a range of convenient services. Through the app, tourists can request a visit visa by logging in using the UAE Pass digital identity.

By selecting “Start a new service” and then “New visa,” users can access a list of available visa options based on the type of visit visa required (30 days or 60 days).

With its world-class services and attractive tourism sectors, the UAE has become a popular destination for families and solo adventurers from around the world. Dubai has been ranked best global travel destination, according to Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards.

By following the guidelines provided in this comprehensive guide, tourists can make the most of their visit and easily navigate the process of extending their visit visas.

Remember to adhere to the visa regulations, stay updated with the latest information, and enjoy your time exploring the UAE’s vibrant culture and attractions.

Tourist visa grace period?

Dubai has recently removed the 10-day grace period that was previously granted to visitors whose tourist visas had expired. This change has been confirmed by local travel agents and a Federal Authority ICP agent.

Previously, individuals who exceeded the expiration date of their visas were allowed an additional 10 days in Dubai before facing fines. However, this grace period has now been eliminated, and those who overstay their visas will be subjected to a daily fine of Dhs50.

While other six emirates had already done away with the grace period, Dubai was the last emirate to implement this change. However, individuals still have the option to apply for a 30-day extension visa, which allows them to legally remain in the country. This information has been provided by a Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) agent.


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