5-year multiple entry UAE tourist visa cost, application process explained

The total visa cost amounts to Dhs3,775

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5-year multiple entry UAE tourist visa cost

Discover a world of boundless adventures with the long-term multiple-entry UAE visit visa. Offering an unprecedented opportunity to explore the United Arab Emirates for five years, this visa promises a seamless and unforgettable journey.

Five-year multiple entry UAE tourist visa cost

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the application process, visa validity, cost, and essential details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your stay.

Seamlessly Applying for the 5-year Visa Visa

With the long-term multiple-entry tourist visa, you have the flexibility to enter the country within two months from the visa issuance date. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a wanderlust-driven explorer, this visa opens doors to an extended stay filled with breathtaking experiences.

Online Application Process

Gone are the days of long queues and paperwork. Embrace the convenience of modern technology by applying directly through the ICP’s smart channels, available on their website and smart application. No need for a sponsor; this visa allows tourists of all nationalities to apply independently.

Visa Duration and Extensions

Revel in the freedom of a non-continuous stay in the UAE for a period not exceeding 90 days. With the option to extend your stay for a similar duration, you can fully immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and iconic landmarks that define the UAE.

Multiple Entries

Dreaming of a multitude of experiences in the UAE? The 5-year visa offers the incredible privilege of multiple entries, meaning you can come and go as you please during the validity period. Each stay, however, must not exceed 90 days, counting from the visa issuance date, not the calendar year.

UAE Visit Visa Fees

Understanding the visa fees and requirements is crucial to ensure a smooth application. The total visa cost amounts to Dhs3,775, encompassing Dhs3,025 for visa issuance, Dhs500 for the application, Dhs100 for smart services, Dhs100 for ICP services, Dhs50 for electronic services, and the value of bank guarantees. Keep in mind that service price may vary depending on the data entered in your application.

Bank Statement

To support your adventure in the UAE, the application requires a stamped and coloured bank statement from the last 6 months, showing a minimum balance of $4,000. Additionally, secure health insurance issued within the UAE, valid for 180 days, to ensure peace of mind throughout your stay.

Multiple-entry Visa forĀ  Family

For families seeking to experience the UAE together, a tourist visa for the entire family, including children under 18 years old, can be easily submitted. Envision creating cherished memories as you explore the country’s wonders with your loved ones.

Application Journey

Applying for the long-term multiple-entry tourist visa is straightforward. Choose from multiple avenues to submit your application, including the ICP’s official website, UAEICP smart application, or by visiting the nearest customer happiness center affiliated with the ICP. Alternatively, authorized ICP-accredited typing offices are available for your convenience.


Embrace the extraordinary opportunities that the long-term multiple-entry UAE tourist visa presents – an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of wonders for five incredible years. From the convenience of the online application process to the freedom of multiple entries, this visa is your passport to an unforgettable journey filled with enchanting experiences. Make the most of your stay, meet the visa requirements diligently, and savor the beauty and diversity that the UAE proudly offers. Unleash the adventurer within and embark on a journey that promises to create memories to last a lifetime. Start your UAE expedition today and discover the magic that awaits you in this captivating nation.


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