Como Residences penthouse sold for whopping Dhs500 million in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Como Residences penthouse sold for Dhs500 million in Dubai

Benjelloun Piper Architecture has announced the sale of the most expensive penthouse in Dubai, “Como Residences Penthouse” by Nakheel, in a historic move that cements the group’s position as a trailblazer in the world of architectural excellence.

Como Residences Penthouse

The Como Residences Penthouse, which spans 21,949 square feet with endless bedrooms, recently sold for an extraordinary Dhs500 million – equivalent to approximately $136 million – setting a new benchmark in the city’s luxury real estate market. The architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to the firm’s unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity, and unparalleled design excellence.

The visionary local real estate developer, has seen a dramatic rise in prominence, with Benjelloun Piper Architecture playing an integral role in shaping the brand’s image as a leader in luxury living experiences. The collaboration between Benjelloun Piper Architecture and the most important UAE-owned real estate company has resulted in iconic structures that redefine Dubai’s skyline and continue to set new standards for architectural opulence and sophistication.

Upon completion, Como Residences Penthouse, which is located on Palm Jumeirah, will offer residents an unrivalled living experience with exclusive access via a dedicated elevator to ensure both privacy and security.

Palm Jumeirah

According to Dubai Land Department (DLD) records, the Palm Jumeirah property now holds the title of the most expensive penthouse ever built and sold in Dubai. The anticipated completion is set for the latter half of 2026, beginning 2027 marking a significant milestone for both Benjelloun Piper Architecture and the city’s wider real estate landscape.

Notably, the Como Residences Penthouse has not only secured its place as Dubai’s pinnacle of luxury but has also globally ranked as the third-most expensive penthouse ever built and sold worldwide, and the most expensive front beach penthouse in the world. In tandem with this groundbreaking achievement, Benjelloun Piper Architecture has revealed the launch of its new office in Dubai’s vibrant City Walk.

Benjelloun Piper Architecture is a leading architectural firm renowned for its innovative approach to design, commitment to excellence, and extensive portfolio of iconic projects that continue to redefine the architectural landscape. With a team of visionary architects and designers, the firm is dedicated to creating spaces that inspire, captivate, and endure.

Commenting on the sale, the firm’s Partners and Co-Founders, Boubker Benjelloun and Benjamin Piper, praised the developer’s willingness to step outside the box of conventional architecture, which they believe helped them achieve “incredible results”. The pair added: “We are proud of our role as architects in bringing our clients’ visions into reality.”

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