Brighton College students celebrate outstanding GCSE results 2023

by Staff Reporter
Brighton College GCSE result 2023

Brighton College Dubai has announced that students achieved outstanding GCSE results for the third year in a row. This year all subjects were awarded numerical grades, with Grade 9 being the highest. Given how few of these were awarded worldwide, Brighton College Dubai is particularly delighted that 21% of the College’s grades secured this top-level at Grade 9. In addition, 76% of all entries have been awarded Grade 9-6, which is ‘outstanding’ under the KHDA framework.

Raw results, while impressive, are only part of the Brighton College Dubai story.  More notable still is the fact that value-added, the measure of the progress pupils have made from their starting points upon joining the College, is positive.

The highest grades in the College were awarded to Henry Fliss – a staggering 9 Grade 9s.  Given the well-publicised reduction in the awarding of the top GCSE grades this year and a well-reported reduction in grade boundaries moving back to 2019 levels, this is a first-class set of results for the chess and cricket champion.

Brighton College Dubai GCSE Results 2023

High achieving pupils celebrating top level grades this year include:

  • Henry Fliss: 9 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8
  • Haryssa Mansury: 6 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s
  • Megan Silvius: 6 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s and 2 Grade 7s
  • Mohammed Al Shamsi: 3 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s and 2 Grade 7s

Simon Crane, Head Master of Brighton College Dubai, said: “I am incredibly proud of the achievements of our GCSE cohort who have exceeded their targets. I would like to thank our dedicated staff, pastoral support team and parents who have gone above and beyond in providing pupils with excellent teaching, support and subject knowledge. My warmest congratulations to our excellent pupils and staff on these fantastic achievements!  As well as being academically dedicated, our pupils have been involved in all other aspects of school life, including taking on wellbeing initiatives, sports and leadership positions.”

Jane Clewlow, Head of Senior School, Brighton College Dubai, said: “I am delighted with the performance of our third GCSE cohort.  For a year group that has struggled with disruptions to learning during the global pandemic and a well-publicised return to pre-pandemic grade boundaries from examination boards, this year’s results are even more impressive.  The positive value-added measure shows the impact of high-quality teaching combined with academic and pastoral support.  As a College we are immensely proud of their results.”


The outstanding GCSE results achieved by this year’s cohort are a true testament to the academic excellence that Brighton College Dubai is renowned for, as well as the exceptional teaching practices in place to support pupils.  For the third time in its five years of operation, the young school has demonstrated that its pupils’ results are amongst the very best in Dubai.

Brighton College Al Ain GCSE Results 2023

After announcing outstanding A Level results last week, Brighton College Al Ain pupils continue to perform at a high level across all examinations this year. The College’s pupils today are celebrating excellent GCSE results, with an even higher percentage of Grade 9-8s being awarded to pupils compared to last year!

Brighton College Al Ain GCSE results 2023

Jesse Kurten

Consistently included in the UAE’s best performing schools list, 1 in every 4 GCSE exams taken this year by Brighton College Al Ain pupils resulted in a top Grade 9, and almost 65% awarded 7 – 9 grades.

This year’s results show that Brighton College Al Ain pupils have achieved very strong results across the sciences, with 74% of pupils achieving the top grade (7-9), 1 in every 2 pupils achieving Grades 8 or 9 in English and 3 in every 4 pupils achieving top grades (8 -9) across the Humanities. 82% of all Arabic GCSEs were awarded at Grade 9.

Brighton College Al Ain pupils who achieved outstanding GCSE grades this year include the following:

  • Shihab Ahmad (British): 8 Grade 9s and 1 Grade 8
  • Jesse Kurten (South African): 7 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8 and 1 Grade 7
  • Hamda Alnuaimi (Emirati): 6 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s and 1 Grade 7
  • Eloi Roberts (British): 4 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s
  • Rafika Sadki (American): 4 Grade 9s and 5 Grade 8s

Head Master of Brighton College Al Ain, Scott Carnochan said: “After celebrating our pupils’ outstanding A Level achievements, I am thrilled to report that Brighton College Al Ain pupils have once again been awarded an impressive percentage of top grades in their GCSE examinations, with 9–8 grades surpassing both last year and even 2019, when traditional in-person exams were last held. This accomplishment is truly remarkable, and I couldn’t be happier for our pupils. I am exceptionally proud of what our pupils and teachers have achieved and would like to both congratulate and thank them for the hard work, determination and resilience they have demonstrated while collaboratively striving for these outstanding results.”

Brighton College Abu Dhabi GCSE Results 2023

Brighton College Abu Dhabi is celebrating another year of outstanding GCSE results today with pupils securing almost 300 top Grade 9s.

The College’s pupils have exceeded themselves this year and have achieved exceptional results with 31% of pupils scoring Grade 9s, 51% of pupils achieving Grade 9 – 8 (A*), 71% of pupils awarded Grade 9 – 7 (A*-A), 87% Grade 9-6 (A* – B) and 95% Grade 9-5 (A* -B/C).  These impressive grades highlight the inspirational teaching and exceptional academic support that the pupils have received from their teachers. A resulting factor of this outstanding teaching and learning provision and examination outcomes is that the school will this year see the largest ever number of pupils returning for Year 12, almost double the number of previous years.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi GCSE Result 2023

Yana Walia

The success of Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils extends across a wide range of subjects. Notably, pupils excelled in STEM subjects, demonstrating their prowess and passion in these areas. In Further Mathematics, the pupils achieved 94% Grade 9-7 with 50% achieving a Grade 9 and in Computer Science 81% of Grades were 9-7. Furthermore, in the sciences 80% of Grades were 9-7.

High achieving pupils celebrating top level grades this year include:

  • Diego Toro Vizamora achieved eleven Grade 9s
  • Hannah Aly achieved ten Grade 9s
  • Kobi Uzu achieved ten Grade 9s
  • Meryam Awwad achieved 9 Grade 9s
  • Yana Walia achieved 9 Grade 9s
  • Joshua Hunt achieved 8 Grade 9s
  • Maya Shawki achieved 8 Grade 9s
  • Catherine Abdulsamad achieved 8 Grade 9s

Eight pupils achieved all 8 and 9 (equivalent to A*) only across their subjects.

Commenting on these remarkable achievements, Helen Wilkinson, Former Head Mistress of Brighton College Abu Dhabi expressed great pride in the accomplishments of the pupils and gratitude for the dedication of the school community.


“Our pupils have done it again! A wonderful set of results which they so richly deserve. Their hard work and diligence, coupled with the unfailing support of our dedicated staff, has given them results which will set them up for their wide, bright futures. I wish them all well in their onward journeys.” Helen Wilkinson said.

In addition to academic accomplishments, Brighton College Abu Dhabi is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are equipped with essential skills for the future. Pupils have consistently demonstrated outstanding character, resilience, and community involvement, making positive contributions both inside and outside the classroom, all of which is equally celebrated by our teachers.

New Head Masters

Brighton College Abu Dhabi and Brighton College Al Ain are delighted to announce the appointment of their newly appointed Head Masters, Mr Scott Carnochan and Mr Oliver Bromley-Hall, respectively. Prior to this appointment both have served at Brighton College Al Ain with Mr Scott Carnochan as Head Master and Mr Oliver Bromley as the Deputy Head Master.

During Mr Scott Carnochan’s tenure at Brighton College Al Ain, the school not only maintained its “Outstanding” ADEK rating but also solidified its standing as the premier educational destination in the “garden city.”

As Head Master he exhibited remarkable leadership qualities, elevating the academic benchmark and delivering an excellent experience for the school community. With a background spanning 14 years leading schools in the UK, Mr Scott Carnochan’s journey led him from his role as Head Master in the UK at the age of 34, to the Head of Holmewood House School in Tunbridge Wells. His leadership at Holmewood House School was later recognised in Tatler School Guide 2020, quoting that the institution ‘thrived under his leadership’. In addition, he has also held senior positions at Repton School in Derbyshire and St John’s College School in Cambridge.

Commenting on his new appointment, Mr Scott Carnochan said, “The journey ahead holds immense promise, and I am eager to collaborate with our wonderful pupils, dedicated teachers, and supportive community to build upon the excellence which has gone before me and to begin a new chapter of success together. My commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment and nurturing growth aligns perfectly with Brighton College Abu Dhabi’s values. Together, we will inspire and empower our pupils to embrace their potential and shape an exciting future. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to lead such a wonderful school and its community.”

Before being appointed Head Master, Mr Oliver Bromley-Hall, has been a part of the Brighton College Al Ain ecosystem for 8 years. His most recent role serving as Deputy Head Master encompassed a wide-ranging remit across the Junior and Senior phases, affording him an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the College’s people and operations. He has also served as Head of English, House Master Deputy Head of the Senior School and Head of Senior School, reflecting his deep-rooted connection to Brighton College Al Ain. With a BA Honours degree and teaching qualification in English, he has an extensive career spanning over 18 years across the UAE and the UK and is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Education at the University of Bath.

Speaking on his new role and plans for the upcoming school year, Mr Oliver Bromley-Hall, Head Master of Brighton College Al Ain said, “I am honoured to continue working with Brighton College Al Ain as I step into the role of Head Master. Another ‘Outstanding’ grading in our latest ADEK inspection, along with our pupils’ recent outstanding achievements in their GCSE and A Levels is testament to their great efforts, along with the unwavering support from our teachers and their families. I am confident that we will maintain this partnership and continue to see the College thrive.”

Mr Craig Lamshed, Chief Operating Officer, Brighton Colleges UAE commented, “I am delighted to welcome Mr Scott Carnochan as the new Head Master of Brighton College Abu Dhabi, as well as Mr Oliver Bromley-Hall in his role as Head Master of Brighton College Al Ain. Both Mr Carnochan and Mr Bromley-Hall have been instrumental in developing the educational programme at Brighton College Al Ain, leading the College to secure its third successive outstanding ADEK rating. I am confident Mr Carnochan and Mr Oliver Bromley-Hall will continue to improve the standard of education on offer at both Brighton College Abu Dhabi and Brighton College Al Ain in search of what is beyond being rated outstanding.”

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