Xiaomi and Emaar shape the future of smart homes in UAE

by Staff Reporter
Xiaomi and Emaar partnership for smart homes

Xiaomi, the prominent global technology firm, recently unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with Emaar, marking a significant juncture where technology seamlessly merges with real estate.

This strategic partnership is committed to introducing an unparalleled fusion of innovation and connectivity, with a special focus on Xiaomi’s smart ecosystem concept. At the core of this venture are the Mobile X AIOT products, aiming to revolutionize the landscape of smart living in the UAE.

The exclusive event was unfolded on November 21 and 22 of in Arabian Ranches III. Attendees, including technology enthusiasts, media representatives, distributors, and partners were actively involved in the event.

Xiaomi and Emaar partnership for smart homes

The guests had the exclusive opportunity to explore the smart home concept with a viewing of the first 3D-printed house by Emaar, providing an in-depth look at the full integration of Xiaomi smart products within the living space. Highlighting the diverse offerings within Xiaomi’s AIOT product lineup, users can explore a myriad of options, ranging from smart vacuums and air purifiers to cameras and many more.


Ronnie Wang, General Manager of Xiaomi Middle East, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Collaborating with Emaar has been a delightful experience. Observing and learning from such an extraordinary company has only strengthened our conviction of the success that this partnership will yield for both parties. I firmly believe that Xiaomi’s Smart Home system will empower UAE consumers in an unprecedented manner, offering comprehensive and all-encompassing solutions for smart living.’’

Xiaomi and Emaar partnership for smart homes

The occasion fostered a dynamic atmosphere, facilitating the exchange of insights, the capture of memorable moments, and a profound appreciation for the innovative advancements unfolding in the realm of smart living. The exclusive event successfully underscored the synergy between Xiaomi and Emaar in shaping the future of smart and connected living spaces.

Dubai’s first-ever 3D-printed house

Emaar’s commitment to innovation is evident in the development of Dubai’s first-ever 3D-printed house. This groundbreaking accomplishment represents Emaar’s initial foray into establishing itself as a leading advocate for advanced construction technologies.

The major real estate developer is leveraging innovative construction methods to build faster, cost-effectively, and with distinctive designs, all while contributing to decreased waste and reduced noise pollution. The pioneering initiative aligns seamlessly with Dubai’s ‘Smart City’ vision, reinforcing Emaar’s dedication to redefining construction norms and harmonizing with the city’s overarching technological and sustainable goals.

Third-leading smartphone brand in the UAE

Meanwhile, Xiaomi remains devoted to becoming the premier innovative technology company in the UAE, delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the boundaries of technological integration. The technology company has firmly established itself as the third-leading smartphone brand worldwide, reinforcing its position as the third-leading smartphone brand in the UAE.

Xiaomi and Emaar are not just influencing the present; they are also laying the foundation for a future where intelligent and interconnected living spaces transform the way individuals perceive and engage with the world.


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