Wego lists best hotels in Riyadh and places to visit in the Saudi capital

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Best hotels in Riyadh and places to visit in Saudi capital

Wego, the largest online travel marketplace in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), revealed the top hotels and things to do in Riyadh in line with the Riyadh Season.

The Riyadh Season, the grandest of the 11 Saudi Seasons, witnessed a magnificent opening on October 28, 2023. The 2023-24 season is the fourth iteration of the event, and witnessed a footfall of over 1 million, showcasing how the event has captured the imagination of visitors globally.

Hotels in Riyadh with prices offered by Wego

Wego has compiled a curated list of hotels with proximity to various Riyadh Season zones, to keep visitors within easy reach of all the attractions.

1. Warwick Riyadh

Warwick Riyadh is situated in Riyadh’s Al Malaz area. This 4-star hotel’s proximity to Riyadh Season’s most happening zone, the Boulevard City makes it an excellent choice for Riyadh Season visitors.

Price starts at SAR 326 on Wego.

2. Radisson Blu Riyadh

The Radisson Blu hotel chain is one of the premium choices for a stay in Riyadh. The Radisson Blu is located near the Riyadh Zoo and the Groves.

Price starts at SAR 2,463 on Wego.

3. Boudl Al Qasr

Boudi al Qasr is a comfortable choice for travellers with families as the hotel provides an indoor kid-friendly pool and a children’s playground. The Suwaidi Park is a quick walk away from here, set to host seven different culture showcases in seven weeks, along with food, music, folk dances and entertainment shows.

Price starts at SAR 372 on Wego.

4. Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotels & Convention

The hotel is located near the Al Awwal Stadium and the Kingdom Arena, the home of the Al Hilal football club, which is scheduled to play in the Riyadh Season Cup. It is also located close enough to the Boulevard City.

Price starts at SAR 2,047 on Wego.

5. Crowne Plaza Riyadh Al Waha

Crowne Plaza Riyadh Al Waha is located close to the Souq Al Awaleen, a Riyadh Season zone hosting performances, events, and stores selling traditional goods.

Price starts at SAR 1,104 on Wego.

Things to do in Riyadh

In addition, Wego has also come up with a list of experiences visitors shouldn’t miss when spending time at the capital.

Camping at Riyadh’s Rawdat Khuraim and Al Thumama National Park

Riyadh Season comes at the onset of winter, which makes it an ideal time to go camping. The Rawdat Khuraim is a serene spot for campers, dotted with tranquil nature. Meanwhile, Al Thumama Wild Park in King Khalid Reserve is perfect for adventurous campers, with its golden dunes and vast green lands.

Explore Saudi’s History at Diriyah

Diriyah is a historical gem situated in the district of Arid Al-Yamamah, within the corridors of the Najd Plateau. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a window into the bygone eras of Saudi history and culture. During the Riyadh Season period, Diriyah hosts some events and activities, especially around Al-Turaif neighborhood.

Witness the Panoramic View from Kingdom Center Tower

The Sky Bridge, a suspension bridge standing 300 meters above the Kingdom Center Tower, provides a panoramic view of Riyadh. Connecting two skyscrapers, this bridge lets visitors experience the skyline of Riyadh through its glass panels.

Visit Al Masmak Palace

Al Masmak Palace is famous for being the scene of the Battle of the Conquest of Riyadh. Explore the ancient artifacts, military weapons showcase and the towering rock architecture that tell a compelling story of the kingdom’s roots. The historical fortress, standing since 1895, offers a glimpse into Saudi Arabia’s history and the events that shaped the nation.

Tour Al-Zal Market, the Oldest Marketplace in Riyadh

Situated among the alleys of the Deira district, the market was established in 1901 and covers an area of 38,000 square meters. The ambient sounds of vendors, selling everything from rare antiquities to old utensils, lend the market an ancient, traditional aura.

Discover Heet Cave, the Cave of Legends

About 30 kilometers outside the urban boundaries of the city, near the city of Al-Kharj lies the Heet Cave. The cave has seen numerous explorers reach into its depth to discover hidden passages and a lake situated 120 meters underground. Guided tours are available.

Rejuvenate on the Sands of Najd Plateau

The Najd Plateau showcases the desert’s grandeur with its endless sand dunes, golden horizons, and unique rock formations.


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